Sorting Pen: The California Cattleman Podcast
S2 E19: Sorting through updates from Siskiyou County with UCCE Advisor Grace Woodmansee
S2 E19: Sorting through updates from Siskiyou County with UCCE Advisor Grace Woodmansee 24:11 S2 E18: Sorting through CDFA’s Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship Program 30:58 S2 E17: Sorting through the West Virginia v. EPA decision 18:01 S2 E16: Sorting through PRF Insurance and 1 Year of Sorting Pen 18:46 S2 E15: Sorting though July's WVM Sale and more with Matt Macfarlane 17:51 S2 E14: Sorting through CAL FIRE’s efforts on prescribed fire 28:10 S2 E13: Sorting through Duane Lenz’s Career w/ CattleFax 18:47 S2 E12: Sorting through grilling, meat mythbusting & more with Hardcore Carnivore Jess Pryles 21:16 S2 E11: Sorting through the topics and issues presented at the 2022 CCA Feeder Meeting 18:59 S2 E10: Sorting through Foothill Abortion and the commercially available vaccine for it 36:59 S2 E9: Sorting through a big legislative win and other good news 20:13 S2 E8: Sorting through the critical role of grazing in California with Dr. Lynn Huntsinger 23:05 S2 E7: Sorting through the impact of redistricting and the impending change of legislators in California 19:10 S2 E6: Sorting through the due date changes for water measurement and use reporting 13:20 S2 E5: Sorting through the CCA Fire Subcommittee's Priorities w/ Chairman Anthony Stornetta 19:12 S2 E4: Sorting through the Animal Ag Alliance’s work to connect, engage and protect 26:37 S2 E3: Sorting through CCA’s decision to keep the government out of cattle marketing 25:09 S2 E2: Sorting through CCA’s current legislative priorities 24:39 S2 E1: Sorting through the California Air Resources Board’s recent amendments to the Small Off-Road Engine program 14:22 Episode 11: Sorting through the California Beef Council’s drive behind holiday beef demand 18:04 Episode 10: Sorting through the weather outlook w/ Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe 12:23 Episode 9: Sorting through cattle markets, price discovery, etc., w/ Dr. Derrell Peel 16:41 Episode 8: Convention FOMO w/ CCA President Tony Toso 14:04 Episode 7: What are my California Cattle Council dollars funding? 23:41 Episode 6: Sorting through the research with Dr. Mitloehner 23:41