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Habits of Great Coaches

Greg Dea & Lee Baines

Join Greg Dea and Lee Baines exploring the depths of what great coaches and leaders do to change behaviour successfully, safely and efficiently, with excitement, accountability and skin in the game across the world. "The only time a coach can work on something is when they make the world into a possible world, and they everything is possible. 50% of a battle is fought in possibility. If you think it is impossible, you’re right. It is, for you.So, perhaps the impossible is just an unimagined possibility.""The leader is one who has just opened up the path. Perhaps they’ve just seen it - “I know the way out, follow me!”"It’s always better to take the lessons before the war is started rather than the lessons being presented to you by the enemy. The enemy has a vote in whatever decision you make in this and learning and making your organisation better prepared to deal with whatever it is you work in is actually being able to learn about how you’re going to compete and not be a in a rock-minded staid mentality.""The cock-ups are the darkness people turn from, but if you shine a light on the darkness it goes away. And the lessons that you learn from failure relates to managing your minimums but to manage your minimums you need to know what they are, what your shortfalls are because the way links cause the whole chain to break. What are you failing at that you continue to fail at that you aren’t learning from?The great coaches are humble first. They figure out what they don’t know about a circumstance. That if they fail to understand it, will be the reason in X period of days then I’ll be trouble."

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