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Ep 25: Cinde Vadnais On Why Mindset Matters...Because 5 AM Workouts Suck

April 18, 2022 Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf Season 1 Episode 25
Ep 25: Cinde Vadnais On Why Mindset Matters...Because 5 AM Workouts Suck
Life Behind the Highlight Real
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Life Behind the Highlight Real
Ep 25: Cinde Vadnais On Why Mindset Matters...Because 5 AM Workouts Suck
Apr 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 25
Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf

Our friend, Cinde Vadnais, is one of the reasons we stay with RE/MAX Results. From branch manager and operations manager, to recruiter and real estate agent, she has covered almost every role in this industry. 

Her real strength is her ability to form long-term working relationships. She has helped countless agents accelerate their career through her experience and positive, upbeat nature.  

What we didn't know about Cinde is the health hurdle she had to face early in life, and continues to stand up to today. 

We also didn't know about her past as an athlete at the University of Minnesota!

Her motivating nature now makes perfect sense. 

Today you will learn:

  • How she continues to help people face the same health issues she faced 30 years ago
  • What makes a candidate instantly attractive when recruiting
  • Her "why," and what truly drives her on a professional level
  • And, of course, her top 5 favorite restaurants!

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Magical Quotes:

"In life sometimes the Old Maid to you and I've ditched it. I've dealt with it and I just move on."

"Having a routine life is a gift."

"It's as fun getting someone to a $100-grand as it is to a million. And all along the way, man, it's different."

"There is a different mindset when it comes to athletes. And that mindset starts young."

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Our friend, Cinde Vadnais, is one of the reasons we stay with RE/MAX Results. From branch manager and operations manager, to recruiter and real estate agent, she has covered almost every role in this industry. 

Her real strength is her ability to form long-term working relationships. She has helped countless agents accelerate their career through her experience and positive, upbeat nature.  

What we didn't know about Cinde is the health hurdle she had to face early in life, and continues to stand up to today. 

We also didn't know about her past as an athlete at the University of Minnesota!

Her motivating nature now makes perfect sense. 

Today you will learn:

  • How she continues to help people face the same health issues she faced 30 years ago
  • What makes a candidate instantly attractive when recruiting
  • Her "why," and what truly drives her on a professional level
  • And, of course, her top 5 favorite restaurants!

Reach out to Cinde:

Keep up with Life Behind the Hightlight Reel!

Magical Quotes:

"In life sometimes the Old Maid to you and I've ditched it. I've dealt with it and I just move on."

"Having a routine life is a gift."

"It's as fun getting someone to a $100-grand as it is to a million. And all along the way, man, it's different."

"There is a different mindset when it comes to athletes. And that mindset starts young."

William Huffman  0:00  
Hey everybody, William here and Sarah. And we just need to let you know that we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Minnesota with the REMAX results of Good Life Group. That's our legal disclaimer. Hey everybody, today we're talking with Cinde Vadnais. She is a true friend. She's a fast pitch softball expert and was also a ski bum for a year. Let's talk about this.

Sarah Huffman  0:21  
So Cindy, What's your why? Like, why do you why do you stay? Holy

William Huffman  0:25  
crap. Wow, we just went right through.

Sarah Huffman  0:27  
No, but for real, like what keeps you going?

Cinde Vadnais  0:29  
It's I'm helping the associates. It's as fun getting somebody to 100 grand as the next one to a million. And you know, I've said it more than once we can create a beautiful business plan, but you have to work. Yeah.

Accouncer  0:41  
Welcome to Life behind the highlight reel. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online. Join host Sarah and William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real not perfect life behind the highlight reel.

William Huffman  1:01  
Everybody, William here and Sarah

Cinde Vadnais  1:03  
and Jory. And Cinde Vadnais. Yeah.

William Huffman  1:07  
She's the only one who has a last name here.

Sarah Huffman  1:09  
Yeah. I was thinking about Cinde, as we were walking into the office today, I was excited for this podcast. Because you people ask us all the time, like what keeps you at results? Like and this is probably like the little bit of that we'll talk about real estate and this is gonna get you out of the way it's gonna get it out of the way. All right. But people will say like, what keeps you at results? Don't you know that you can insert reason x, y, z, z, y x? All the different things? And yeah, why usually that Yeah, somewhere else. And I'm like, and this even came up, I think like two years ago walking into a conference with someone. And they're like, Why do you stay at results? And automatically will and I will both say the support the people? Absolutely. Yep. Like that is what? There's no need for us to look to go anywhere else. There is. It's the people. And I think that can be said for like teams, I think that can be said for any job. It's not just real estate specific, but it is the people that keep you where you're at. And we had a situation, it will be five years. This August last September. Yep. When I first met Cindy, and I called you and I'm like, hi, you've never talked to me before.

William Huffman  2:24  
We're on machine Hill. at the state fair.

Sarah Huffman  2:28  
I don't know what to do. And I think I'm supposed to call you. And then here we are almost five years later. Fast forward.

William Huffman  2:34  
If we don't hear from you and like every 10 to 14 days you call us you're like Is everything okay? What's going on how we do it? How we do it. So

Sarah Huffman  2:40  
with that small intro, welcome, Cindy to our podcast.

Cinde Vadnais  2:45  
Thank you.

William Huffman  2:46  
All right. So tell us about yourself. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? And you have to be really close to the microphone. Talk.

Cinde Vadnais  2:52  
Yeah. Born in Duluth. parents moved here when I was two. I didn't

Sarah Huffman  2:57  
know that. Can we already just start there? Yeah. That didn't take long. Good. Okay. Keep going. Yep.

Cinde Vadnais  3:01  
Okay, so did the Duluth run my whole life. Both sets of grandparents were from there. You know, I had athletic scholarship to the University of Minnesota. I was a FastPitch pitcher back in the day. Great experience for later in life to fall down, get back up and get after it again, and super competitive. Got it. Hospitality is where I started. Works. A lot of catering. Where'd you go to school? University, Minnesota.

William Huffman  3:30  
All right. And then how long did you go to Japan? Did you just do the vibe, I got the vibe about the softball thing, then leave? Did you get a degree? How'd that go for

Cinde Vadnais  3:37  
you? Yep. So I played for two years. And it really wasn't a good fit for me. The University of Minnesota super big and I was there for one thing and one thing only. And so then, after two years, I decided to leave and I went to Colorado and I was a ski bum for a year at Winter Park, Colorado. Again, a wonderful adventure. And then I came home I'm like, Hold on

William Huffman  4:02  
hold. You're not just gonna breeze by the fact that you were a ski bum for a year. Tell me more.

Cinde Vadnais  4:10  
Tell me more. So my sister and I packed up the car and we left. Okay, and found an apartment and I worked at the area and I was the cashier and what does area stand for Winter Park. So like I was the cashier, okay. And my skis were down in the locker. Okay, and so, every afternoon I would go out and ski because it's like, This is it. I'll never be able to do this again. And so just met people from all over the world. And then when the season ended, we all left and so met just really awesome people. So no regrets on that at all. So then I came home and like Okay, now what? And then got into catering and hospitality and that stuff. And I'm like, I want to be in my own business and worked full time went to real estate school at night. I finished on a Thursday, went to my parents house on Sunday for dinner, checked my blood sugar and it was 400. So I'm insulin dependent, okay, no big deal. So I call my broker I go just a minute here, gotta gotta kind of do a pivot. And you know, that could have been, you know, maybe if I wanted to quit, but that was never an option. So got that figured out and got into real estate. And I kind of sit here today. It's amazing that I did it just because the adventure is real for everybody. So when 29 and Realty sold for eight years, Branch Manager for two, and in that time, I was good at recruiting. And they all went to REMAX I'm like, That's it. I'm going to REMAX to fortunate enough. I started here 22 years ago, three offices. My first day they were closing on for more anomalies. I'm always like, can I have started a day or two earlier or something? And the rest is history. It's been a great run.

Sarah Huffman  6:04  
Yeah. How did you get in? Like, what was it about real estate that went after you get off the ski hill? You're like, I'm gonna go sell real estate. Yeah. How

William Huffman  6:11  
do you go from I'm gonna do soft pitch softball for two years soft pitch Fast, fast pitch. Yeah. No, no, no, no, not barely like, guys. Oh, yeah, that thing. That thing comes hauling in

Sarah Huffman  6:23  
there. And you're the pitcher. You bet. Oh, lordy.

William Huffman  6:26  
Oh, wow. So I mean, yes. You bet, man. No, thank you. I do believe I read a stat somewhere that Fastpitch softball pitchers get hit more with the ball than almost any other sport than any any then that any other like baseball type sport, because it's just the way it comes in. And it just Peugeot they were little facemask few face shields now.

Sarah Huffman  6:50  
Yep. Did you back then? No, no, no, no, no. Because I mean, that is like,

Cinde Vadnais  6:56  
ready to like dislocate your shoulder?

Sarah Huffman  6:59  
Yeah. How did you find yourself in picture?

Cinde Vadnais  7:02  
My dad was a FastPitch. Pitcher. And I'm a I'm a sports junkie. It's bad. Yeah. My like the wild twins, the Timberwolves

Sarah Huffman  7:12  
all of it. Yeah. And do you have any brothers or is it just sisters?

Cinde Vadnais  7:15  
I have two sisters and a brother. Okay.

William Huffman  7:17  
See, we skipped a whole bunch. And you and right end of Season. We're like, we're not gonna talk real estate. You just skipped all the deluxe stuff. All the good

Cinde Vadnais  7:24  
stuff? Well, it wasn't so much.

Sarah Huffman  7:25  
Are you the youngest? Middle?

Cinde Vadnais  7:27  
My goal is my job is to take care of everybody. I'm in the middle sister,

Sarah Huffman  7:32  
sister. And okay, I have I'm just gonna pepper question. Yeah, she was just, when did you find out that you were diabetic?

Cinde Vadnais  7:40  
So, um, it's been probably 30 years ago, I finished real estate school on that Thursday. And the following Monday, I was at the International Diabetes Center.

William Huffman  7:52  
Now, there's, I know, just please tell me if I'm wrong. There's type one. Yeah. And that's insulin dependent and insulin dependent. And there's type two, which is more of a controllable one where it with a diet and stuff that can be it can be adjusted and brought more under control if not removed, or you know, you can go away. Yes. What type two type one is a no, your it's there. Yep.

Cinde Vadnais  8:18  
So from a family of six, three of us are insulin dependent. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. So my family's like loaded with some new designs. And, you know, I just process it. It makes me healthier. You know, I that's all that you can do. And it's never stopped me from doing anything. I don't think I can be an air traffic controller. But the best part is, is I don't want to do that anyway.

William Huffman  8:44  
Okay, that's a very specific Yeah, yeah. You know, I mentioned independent and I want to be an air traffic controller. Oh, yeah. Yeah, no, anything else but

Cinde Vadnais  8:53  
literally that. And if I did, I'd probably lobby to figure it

Sarah Huffman  8:57  
out where you said that Thursday, you passed your real estate classes. Monday, you're at the institute,

Cinde Vadnais  9:03  
International Diabetes Center. Where is that? In St. Louis Park.

Sarah Huffman  9:06  
Oh, so he and Tom. Yeah. And you knew? Oh, yeah. And you're like, Okay, yep. And you knew that you were out of 400, the blood sugar was high, because you had enough meters, probably in the house,

Cinde Vadnais  9:16  
my dad, because my dad was diabetic. Got it. And I'm going, I think I kind of need that to do this. And so. So, you know, you spend the majority of your time with a dietitian, which is kind of a nightmare. And, you know, I'm like, let's, let's fix it. What do I need to do? I need to get back on the road. Yep. And that's what I kind of do. A lot of times in my life, if something's going on, what do I need to do to fix it? And let's go on.

Sarah Huffman  9:45  
And let's keep going. Yeah. So now with diabetes, so 30 years ago, like today, the technology is incredible. Incredible. But like 30 years ago, what did that technology look like? For a new diabetic? What were some of the things you had to do?

Cinde Vadnais  9:58  
I think it was like one shot had a day. And when I checked my blood sugar, it took 45 seconds to get the reading.

William Huffman  10:06  
Okay, because you had to, like, get a drop of blood. And like they,

Cinde Vadnais  10:09  
and then wait, yeah. And then it went to five seconds. And we're like, oh my word, this is the best. And now I have a sensor that reads it in real time and sends it to my phone. Like, who thinks

Sarah Huffman  10:22  
this stuff? So now does your phone like go off? Yeah, I

Cinde Vadnais  10:25  
have it set to the if it goes up or down, or yes, I'm beeping all the time. I don't worry. I got it all.

Sarah Huffman  10:32  
And now with your meat because you have a meter. Sorry, we're going in. I have like so many medical questions just fascinate me.

William Huffman  10:38  
Yeah, yeah. Because you also like stupid things like Pimple Popper.

Sarah Huffman  10:41  
I met. Like, if I had gone to a college that had probably nursing, that's the field I would have gone into. But I didn't. They didn't have that at the college I went to. And I really didn't want to commit my life to pre med. It was more of a lazy thing than anything.

William Huffman  10:58  
for that. I'm, I'm serious. We might have never met,

Sarah Huffman  11:02  
right? Yeah. And I had too many great friends at my school.

William Huffman  11:07  
I wouldn't mind being called Mr. Dr. Hoffman though. Okay. Because she's, she'd be Dr. Hoffman. And I'd be Mr. So because I think the spouse can still use the title watch Grey's

Sarah Huffman  11:17  
Anatomy. But what I was gonna say is, I didn't want to leave my college because of the friendships. Yeah. But I really think I would have made like an awesome something in the medical field. Because I have that compassion. I don't get grossed out by seeing things. I want to help people, I want to make them feel better. And if I can't make them feel better, at least they're going to have someone there to like, I just remember from when I was in that in the hospital when I liver tumor. This nurse just took such great care of me. And that gave me a backrub. And even though I didn't feel good, she did what she could to make me feel better. Yep. Is there a question there? No, but I just think it's, it's fascinating. Okay. So back to the technology. So you took a shot, you have the meter? And then the meter? Like, is that surgical? Or well, how

Cinde Vadnais  12:07  
do you know it is? So I'm hooked up with a sensor that I change out every 10 days. And then the pump? Yeah, is every three days. And, you know, I just do it every day, all day as part of your routine? I yeah, I don't I don't know any differently. And so if I could take a day off, it would be, it would be nice, but it is what it is.

Sarah Huffman  12:30  
So what are some things for like non diabetics to know what it's like to be a diabetic?

Cinde Vadnais  12:35  
Well, it's interesting. When I've been very active at the Diabetes Association, and like, when I meet with my dietician, like, literally ask her, are you diabetic? And she doesn't 100% get it? If she says no. Yeah, I mean, they're just there. That's fair. And how I know that is my siblings will ask questions like, okay, got it. You're not very clear on how this all works. And that's okay. Because what I want to do, and you guys have been with me enough. It just is what it is. It's nothing. Let's just keep rolling. I know eat every 10 minutes. I got it under control. Yeah, let's keep rolling in. It's interesting. I even thought twice about bringing this up today. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  13:21  
Okay. And here we are. What do I like? Zero? No. Yeah. Seriously, like, but

William Huffman  13:25  
by the way, is there anything you don't want to talk about?

Cinde Vadnais  13:28  
Yeah, but you know, this is all about if you can help somebody. Yeah, absolutely. And if there's a diabetic out there that, you know, needs to chat or has questions, you know, won't be known. But the technology is fascinating.

Sarah Huffman  13:41  
It's interesting, too, because you've like grown up with it, right? Like 30 years, right. And we know somebody who has just recently been diagnosed with type one, and it is mental gymnastics for them. Because it changes when you have to mess with someone's food. It we're so emotionally tied to food. And as a non diabetic, we can take it really for granted. If I want that doughnut, I'm gonna go have that doughnut. I mean, I don't really have a doughnut. But you know what I'm saying? Like, if I have a doughnut right now, it's not going to impact potentially my day, or how I mean, it will impact how I feel, right? But it's not going to like, be something I really have to think about. I just have the doughnut. But for someone else, like if it's donuts or coffee, or whatever it is, that might give you the spike. It's a big emotional change if you're not prepared for it, and you didn't choose it.

Cinde Vadnais  14:38  
And so like if you and I sit down and have a doughnut, your body just does what it needs to do. And then I have to chase it. Yeah, so people will go can you have that? And then I kind of get snarky sometimes like, oh, I can have whatever I

William Huffman  14:51  
want. Yeah, who the hell are you gonna tell me that's where

Cinde Vadnais  14:55  
sometimes I'm careful about what I say because in my Rule two is Dairy Queen really shouldn't be, you know, selling large blizzards

William Huffman  15:07  
I agree with you say they should only have one size a small so I have to order four of them. Yeah, exactly,

Cinde Vadnais  15:12  
exactly. So yeah. So again what's you know, I kind of looked at in life sometimes the old maid it's thrown to you and I've ditched it. I've dealt with it. And I just move on. I really liked that. Well, you know, you guys, we've all sit here today. And everybody's been through something. Yeah. And two of our associates. Recently, young children have been diagnosed with type one. And so, you know, when I reach out to them, they get it.

Sarah Huffman  15:39  
Yeah. And now you're looked at more like as a resource, someone that can show their kid, hey, this isn't going to put your life off the rails here. You just adjust.

Cinde Vadnais  15:49  
And it's also helpful with the parents too. It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. Because everything's gonna be okay. Yeah. As a

William Huffman  15:58  
general rule, or it's not and then you just deal with it, then.

Cinde Vadnais  16:01  
There's there's something about that, too. Yeah.

William Huffman  16:05  
Okay. Yeah. I'm so were you a good pitcher?

Cinde Vadnais  16:09  
Um, you know, yeah, it being a fast pitch pitchers. Interesting because you can go out one day, and like, throw no hitter. And then we'll, you know, hypothetically, and then the next day, you're, you know, I would say into my catcher, this will be interesting. Nothing's working. And the game is starting. And, you know, you just, you just get through it. Yeah, it's interesting. Did

William Huffman  16:35  
you ever have a bench clearing brawl? While you're pitching? I could see you. I can see you sniping somebody. Oh, yeah, I could see you. I could see somebody took you yard the inning before, something like that. And you're like, I'm gonna show her.

Cinde Vadnais  16:50  
Yeah, we didn't do brush back or anything back then. Okay. But, you know, like all the tournaments that I played in. I mean, when you played Sunday, it was real. Because every team is getting better. You know, and I was really fortunate in high school. I played with three other players who went D one. Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. So we just kind of one. Yeah, we just were and we didn't even know it.

William Huffman  17:19  
We I mean, for D one players, one high school team. Yeah, that's, that's, that's stacked. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  17:23  
And but we didn't even know it. Yeah. But also to just bring on that later in life. So I mean, as you guys know, I do a fair amount of recruiting. And I always will ask them one. So tell me something that you know, you've been successful at? And if they're like, Oh, I was the state champion in tennis, and like you're working here?

Sarah Huffman  17:42  
Yeah. There is a different mindset when it comes to athletes. Yes. Mm hmm. Very much so. And that mindset starts, especially at that level, like when you're the one or whatever it is champion level, it starts young. Yeah, you know, because that's the only way to get there is to have that like winning champion mindset. So how did you pick the U of M? Er, as they pick you?

Cinde Vadnais  18:04  
So, you know, I go back quite a ways. I mean, I was only the fourth year of scholarships, when you put it in perspective for women's athletics. And you just showed up and did a trial. Yeah. Can you imagine the day I got that call? Like, you got the scholarship, you know,

Sarah Huffman  18:23  
so dance and Holleran? Absolutely. So

William Huffman  18:27  
So, are you still connected with a lot of the people you played with? Yeah, I would imagine so. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  18:32  
Yeah. It was a reunion. Actually, one of the better reunions is the high school group. Okay. You know, because we had a reunion we were we were the first state champions at that school. In the car, Duluth, and couldn't rapids. I went to Grand Rapids Senior High. Okay,

Sarah Huffman  18:50  
because city was born in Duluth and

William Huffman  18:52  
then moved down. Oh, cheers. Yes. Okay. But yeah, made the move because both grandparents were still up

Cinde Vadnais  18:56  
there. Yeah, yep. Yeah, yeah. And so, you know, when I get together with them, that's more of a reunion than like everybody else. That's cool. Cuz like that was? Yeah. Those are your friends. Yeah. And the coaches were even like, man, we didn't know how special this group was. You know,

Sarah Huffman  19:12  
because so you brought something up that I didn't even really consider, right. But it's being a female athlete in the early days. So what were some of the things that like the adversities that were thrown at, like you and your group? Back then? Were there any or No, no,

Cinde Vadnais  19:28  
no, you were so grateful to be part of it. Like, I had never been on a plane till I was at, you know, so I mean, that was a big deal. And I'm like, we get spikes. Oh, my word. So it was a big deal. And now, two of my cousin's kids swim at the U. And you should see what they get from Nike now. It's just everything. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  19:56  
Real. Really liked about

William Huffman  19:58  
it, women And maybe one of the worst sports ever. I mean, they are machines, but like they just swim.

Cinde Vadnais  20:07  
Yeah. And swim, and then they're warming up and then they're swimming then yeah,

Sarah Huffman  20:12  
I doggy paddle.

William Huffman  20:15  
will know. You are a horrible swimmer. Yeah. not exaggerating. Yeah, the ocean is just waiting for the day that you're not holding my head because you would be gone. Yeah. It's true. True. She can't go on the ocean without like me holding your hand. And like, if a big wave comes, I'm like, Alright, babe, get ready to go underneath it. wave came in, and I'm like, Alright, let's go. And she just froze. And the thing just flops.

Sarah Huffman  20:43  
But there's a reason for it. Because when I was little like, between second and third grade, I was always in swimming lessons. Like I will always have swimming lessons. But then when I was in second and third grade, I was in a, an ankle cast or leg cast for 18 months. And that took me out of the pool. And honestly, by that point, when when the cast was off, and things were different than I had Lyme disease, and honestly, at that point, I wasn't athletic i The athletic and swimming lessons. Now that wasn't important to me anymore. Because I was just trying to,

William Huffman  21:18  
it's okay, we have no floaties and stuff. We're good, but

Sarah Huffman  21:21  
honestly, I just told well, this the other day, like Well, you do realize why I'm not a great swimmer. Maybe someday as an adult. I could take a lesson again, but I don't love it. Like I don't love it. I love to float. He loves the floaties like I do love the beach, but I probably prefer the pool. Yes. Like, I but I need both because I think there's nothing quite like ocean water. This this is this is my stomach is way more relaxed.

William Huffman  21:48  
We're way off the dress. I wasn't. I was kind of trying to make fun of swimmers but not really make fun of swimmers because it's a hell of a sport. It is

Sarah Huffman  21:55  
a hell of a sport. Yeah. So now was your entire family athletic. Was your mom athletic as well?

Cinde Vadnais  22:01  
No. Oh, I laugh with my mom all the time, she would have met in a kindergarten school teacher. So she is very good supporter. And I always remember the time my mom said to me, she's like, because she would come with all the games. And she's like, why do you want to do this? Like, can you just go play for space? No. And I said, You know what, Mom? In life? You either want the ball or you don't? If you do you do? How old were you when you said that? Oh, I was probably you know, she? I I'm not sure when my that could have been high school or college or

William Huffman  22:36  
how that's aggressive. Like but I mean, that's,

Cinde Vadnais  22:38  
that's awesome. Well, yeah, but in accounting, I don't want the ball. Right? Absolutely.

William Huffman  22:43  
I mean, that's

Cinde Vadnais  22:46  
so when you when you do that, you know, analysis it makes sense.

William Huffman  22:50  
Yeah, no, I get it. Yeah. either. You either want it or you don't.

Cinde Vadnais  22:54  
Right. Yeah. Yeah. Like, like you guys going out and getting it. Yeah, getting after it every day as your team if you don't have that. I mean, I don't know.

Sarah Huffman  23:05  
It's kind of true. Like you either want the ball or you don't and some days. Some days I wish I didn't want the ball. Absolutely. Some days. I'm like, why can't I just like, be satisfied doing X, Y or Z? And it's like, well, we were just talking to a real estate coach this morning. Because that's not in our DNA. It just isn't we're going to go after stuff. Yeah, we're going to achieve we're going to like meet our Meet exceed our goals. That's just is what it is.

Cinde Vadnais  23:31  
But you guys are amazing at what you're doing right now when it comes to working out. I have to believe when the bell rings every morning, William you don't want to do it.

William Huffman  23:42  
Oh dear God, thank

Cinde Vadnais  23:43  
you. Right but Oh,

William Huffman  23:45  
but you do it. I was just I was just talking to somebody the other day and they were like oh, you're just such an inspiration that you get up at 455 and blah blah you know I hate it right? Like this The reason I do my stupid action calm stupid. The reason I do my accountability posts to hold myself accountable. It's not enjoyable. I don't enjoy seeing Jordan every monday wednesday and friday Honestly, if I if I saw him on the golf course that'd be about enough for me sorry Jordan. love you buddy. But But when I'm done in the afterwards is what's good but no, no. Well, yesterday on

Sarah Huffman  24:21  
my peloton, ride the instructor was talking about how routine is a gift. Yes. And they really talked about like having a routine life is a gift. And I was sitting there on this bike ride and I wasn't really loving it but I was it's a part of my routine. And at that I think I even posted it because I was like yep routine is a gift because because of because my routine is built and it's built so deep now. Even when I don't want to do something. I'm gonna go back to my routine.

William Huffman  24:49  
You are in a funk Saturday because you did not start your day off with riding your bike and I the world knew it.

Sarah Huffman  24:58  
Okay the world Jack Welch will help me. Yes, I do. Yeah. Yeah, but it's true. Like you're you're gonna whatever that is horrible. It was horrible. Can you say that for the people in the back? It was

William Huffman  25:11  
horrible. Like you not getting your peloton in in the morning. It's like me getting my order messed up at a restaurant. Oh, Laurel boy I should not get that reaction when I say that.

Sarah Huffman  25:28  
And probably the all of our fans and listeners really just,

William Huffman  25:31  
I don't know why that little thing. Is you a mage, bring her into the office and make her go to her bike. Like, tell her to stop? No, I just did everything I could to support her that

Sarah Huffman  25:41  
this is this spring market. Sometimes you don't have a moment just stop. Yeah, that's right. It's because if you want the ball,

Cinde Vadnais  25:50  
well, the grind is real. Yeah. And that's why I think athletes do well, because they go to they go to practice every day. And you know, practice isn't where it's happening. It's game time. And that's really what you guys are doing everyday to. It's that routine, and we always feel better after the ride. So,

Sarah Huffman  26:12  
so Okay, fast. I have more fast pitch questions. Yes, ma'am. How are your shoulders today?

Cinde Vadnais  26:17  
Oh, interesting. Um, I would say that my right side is a bit compromised. I I tore my Achilles about five or six years ago. You know, knees a little cranky, but we're good. 90 minute massage yesterday. You know? What about your shoulder though? It's hiding a moment. That's okay. All right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

William Huffman  26:41  
It's creaky. I have crunchy knees. Yes. My knees make like, so as you were

Sarah Huffman  26:46  
growing up, who were your athletic inspirations?

Cinde Vadnais  26:52  
You know, it was probably my dad. He coached me and everything, you know, in basketball, and my dad was the type of coach we coached when, you know, he was a former Marine, no fiddling around, and, you know,

William Huffman  27:10  
this, that makes a lot of sense. Okay, that that. Wow, got that little piece right there. Ms. V, like that. Okay. It's V. Yeah. I just found out something new about Cindy. That was, but that just flies right into everything. The

Cinde Vadnais  27:32  
piece of the puzzle.

Sarah Huffman  27:34  
Yeah, I just am actually writing this quote down. We coached to win.

Cinde Vadnais  27:39  
Yeah. And, and that was that was just, he was a coach. He coached me he coached my brother. He coached when we weren't playing and oftentimes, when I've got 10 nieces and nephews, and I love them to pieces, and so I've been to a lot of their games. And usually, the coach, their kid is the best player, because they step up to coach them. And so, you know, I just have to say, it was my dad. That's awesome. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we talk sports all the time. Yeah. And he was a fast pitch pitcher. And you know, it just goes his pitch of choice. Oh, he was horrible to play catch with because it was a knuckleball. Did it? Oh, my gosh, thank you. And he would hit and he would pitch too fast when I was little. Yeah, you know, and of course, because he knuckleball would be. Yeah,

William Huffman  28:35  
that's not a ball. That's not a pitch. It seems a lot these days. No, no, it's been a

Sarah Huffman  28:39  
long time. I don't even know what a knuckleball is. I know what it is. It's how you hold it.

William Huffman  28:43  
And it just it just floats through erratic. Yeah,

Cinde Vadnais  28:46  
it floats at you slowly. Yeah,

William Huffman  28:50  
you know, your curveball will come in and you know what's going to get a break, you know, and then you pass balls is bringing the heat. The knuckleball, it's like say you're playing tennis and you expect the ball to come in a lot quicker than you think. And you swing in the balls not even there yet. And then you like swing again. Like if you're playing a game or something that knuckleball can really mess with you.

Cinde Vadnais  29:12  
So you throw fast and then a knuckleball comes in. Here's how it comes out. You slow. Yep, floats at you. It's great pitch.

Sarah Huffman  29:20  
So you've also I'm gonna bring it back to REMAX results sometimes,

William Huffman  29:23  
like an off speed pitch.

Cinde Vadnais  29:25  
But yeah, sorry,

Sarah Huffman  29:27  
you've seen this company over the last 22 years. You said Yep. What are some of the best things that you've seen from this company? Like, in the growth mode that it's been in?

Cinde Vadnais  29:39  
Just that we've continued to grow. And you earlier I don't know if it's part of this, but I mean, the team that I have, it's just It's remarkable. I'm a I'm a full service type of person, you know, and so, you know, and you guys know this, I've said before, up Don't be calling me for it. I mean, seriously,

Sarah Huffman  30:03  
that you're gonna carry. Thank you. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  30:07  
Thank you and marketing. Yeah, not so much. Yeah. And so for me to be successful where I work, I want that, because I know how important it is for you guys. And you know, originally starting with, you know, John and Bill, I just watched absolute excellence, because they empower all of us to be our best. And, you know, like, when new people join the firm, they're like, What does it mean, when John said, get it done?

William Huffman  30:41  
Get it done? I don't I don't think there needs to be any more explanation. If those words come out of his mouth for a moment, you know, get it done. That means get don't talk to me about this again. Get it

Cinde Vadnais  30:51  
done. Yeah, but one thing I always follow up with what that person is I go, he might not think he's looking. But he is. Oh, yeah. Thank you. So it's like, you know, because there's been times where, you know, I'll get it done. And then there's also times like, Oh, I'm not 100% sure how this is gonna go. I'm just gonna give John a heads up. Yeah. Okay. Any so awesome. He's like, why are you calling me? I'm like, Oh, man. Yeah. So so just, you know, watching and then we're all empowered. Marketing does marketing it does it and you guys know it. Yeah. So and just being surrounded by I mean, I've worked with Brenda. I was the first employee of the growth. And Brenda came a year later. Wow. We've worked together forever. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, it's just been, it's just been the growth.

Sarah Huffman  31:48  
So if there was one thing that people might not know about John Collopy. Oh, what would

William Huffman  31:54  
it wow, what time are we in? We can make sure to edit this. So coming

Cinde Vadnais  31:57  
out in his other book? Well, you know, it's interesting. John's an open book. Yeah. No,

William Huffman  32:05  
he literally cares.

Cinde Vadnais  32:06  
Yeah. But like, like, if I recruited four people this week, he would say, Well, can you get after it? You know? And, but John would help me 24/7 Yeah, if I ever called him he would, he would be there for me. I believe that. Yeah, I know that to be true in a lot of that for the associates. But other than that, I mean, he's an open book. I mean, he was my first interview, when I came to REMAX results. Oh, my, I can't even imagine. Thank you. Not one piece of paper on his desk. I'm like, Okay, here we go. And, you know, so is he

William Huffman  32:44  
more? Of a John Collopy. Now, or was he more of was the John copy of 20? Some years ago? More? Extra? Yeah. I would, I would, I would have to, I'm gonna guess he's more extra now.

Cinde Vadnais  33:02  
I, I don't, I don't see a big change. Because it doesn't surprise me. Actually, I really don't. Because if I called John, and that's what I liked about our company. It's the consistency of it. So yeah,

Sarah Huffman  33:18  
as you were kind of talking about that. That's the word that came into my head, isn't it? Yeah. Cincy. Yeah, we're not chasing shiny objects, we're not getting it done.

Cinde Vadnais  33:27  
And we're not about our titles. You know, like, I can reach you guys too. You can and so anybody that comes in, it's like, just so you know, they can call whoever they want. And different relationships have been, you know, will take care of itself. So, yeah, I would say no,

Sarah Huffman  33:49  
you know, I have to say, when we when I first made that call to you, Cindy, it was we were going through a rough moment, in our real estate senior in our career, and we didn't know each other, and we did not know each other. And honestly, like, because of that kind of rough patch. I am grateful because it did bring you into our lives. You know, like sometimes when you go through some stuff, it's like, you don't know what the blessings are going to be because of that. Without you know, shitstorm Yeah. And there's been wearing on the podcast, would you beat you there now we're gonna be explicit. Well, no, that was that was Dustin. But it's like, you know, even through that cruddy time, it's like, okay, well, because of that credit time a Good Life Group was born. Because of that credit time. We have a great relationship with you, you. It's like, sometimes like those credit times to bring things together the way they're supposed to be. And I'm very grateful for that.

Cinde Vadnais  34:46  
But, but it's about not giving up. It was the pivot. Yeah, like when I was diabetic before this all started, it just was a pivot. And when I met you guys, it's like, okay, what do we need to do to get after? And then and Then we did.

Sarah Huffman  35:01  
So Cindy, tell me about a tattoo that's on your wrist. Oh, yeah.

William Huffman  35:04  
Oh Snap free. Breathe.

Cinde Vadnais  35:08  
I've used that in more than one situation when I'm with somebody and it's really intense and like literally, they need to breathe. Yeah. And then I've had people go, I've used your tattoo. I go, What? What? Yeah. Just the reminder. We all know how intense this.

Sarah Huffman  35:25  
Yeah, I mean, this is not a relaxing. It's a beautiful career. But there are times that it is not relaxing.

William Huffman  35:33  
I would also say don't call. Cindy if you want a pity party. Good luck. Good luck. Yeah. She's like, Yeah, don't.

Cinde Vadnais  35:40  
I'm getting better at that.

Sarah Huffman  35:42  
Because, honestly, well, like think about it. She coaches to win. Yeah, yeah, she was raised in a family where you coach to why 4321?

William Huffman  35:51  
Let's go. Let's go next.

Sarah Huffman  35:52  
What do we have to accomplish?

Cinde Vadnais  35:53  
Well, sometimes I go to solution too fast. And I need to I

William Huffman  35:58  
know that. I know that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So

Sarah Huffman  36:01  
you just have to have someone around you. That will be the listener

William Huffman  36:03  
then as as my in house s would say, Sarah, you're in your house as on the DISC profile? You're my in house to Enneagram? Yes, this was a conversation elevator this morning. In house D. That's where I'm going with

Sarah Huffman  36:19  
that sensitive.

William Huffman  36:23  
extremely emotional.

Sarah Huffman  36:25  
Emotions and sensitivity are two different things. I'm

William Huffman  36:28  
not that sensitive.

Sarah Huffman  36:29  
So Cindy, What's your why? Like, why do you why do you stay?

William Huffman  36:32  
Holy crap. Wow, we just went right for that.

Sarah Huffman  36:35  
No, but for real, like what keeps you going because you literally every time I've seen you like, you are upbeat, you are committed, you are coaching like you are, you are helping move people to their goals. But there's got to be an underlying why that is true for you.

Cinde Vadnais  36:50  
And it's very easy. It's I'm helping me associates what I've seen in 22 years. It's apps, it's as fun getting somebody to 100 grand as the next one to a million. And all along the way, man, it's way different. And that's what it is. And, you know, I've said it more than once we can create a beautiful business plan, but you have to work it. Yeah. You know, and I just go back to our first Brian Buffini class. I mean, that's when like, that's when it really started for you guys. Yeah. And just watching you guys. You're coachable. You do what you're supposed to do and not look at, you know, wills coaching, well, should be coaching me.

Sarah Huffman  37:45  
You know, that was that Brian Buffini class was the first time we understood our gift in the marketplace. Because Brian Buffini, I think it was day one where it was like ding, ding ding the light bulb went off. Yeah, yeah, we are a relational driven company. Yeah. Like that is how will and I have grown. That is how it is all about the relationship. We are not transactional. So, I mean, of course, the transactions are great, because that that drives you towards, you know, dollars. But what also drives you towards towards dollars, which I think is even more impactful long term are the relationships that you make. And that very first day, was our first week as a Good Life Group. Like it was at

William Huffman  38:30  
like, I don't even think we were registered with the state at this time.

Sarah Huffman  38:35  
No, we were because you jumped the gun. Yeah, when it wasn't, it wasn't maybe approved. Our name wasn't maybe approved yet. But we were run I'd like to hear and then to honestly, to know how we were doing business wasn't wrong. Yep. And it's like, oh, this is this is actually us. And now it's like, we're still writing handwritten notes. We're still, you know, doing pop buys, yep. We're still doing a lot of the basics of that class. But over times, five years and consistency. It can grow. You show up for people in their lives when they need it the most.

Cinde Vadnais  39:10  
When you took the class, again, was it was so rich, though. I mean, there's no white people. You know, I always go to seminar. And I just want to take one thing, and come back and implement it. And when you're new in the business, that class is just so rich with content. Yeah, that to take it again, was was very smart. And

Sarah Huffman  39:32  
we took it back to pack. Right. It wasn't just like, take it again. And then six months later. It was we took it. And then it was offered again like the next month and we took it again. Yep. And that you're in like four or five times. And now you've taken it a few more times. But hearing that information again, and again and again. It's like the roadmap is there. You just have to follow it.

Cinde Vadnais  39:55  
Well, then, you guys have I mean, you guys have coached with me any different people since then? In now you it's like you found the the one that's really working for you though. Yeah.

William Huffman  40:09  
In this season of our life. Absolutely. And I can foresee for a very long time,

Sarah Huffman  40:15  
but it is it's like we coach with Glover you and but a lot of the things that Glover you does in tandem with Buffini is it's it's nothing rocket science, but it's consistency. It's what's your plan, work the plan. Don't like those shiny objects might be fun and pretty first hot second, but that isn't what's going to get you to the goal. It's the athlete showing up for practice every day, right? It's, you just do the consistent steps and that's going to get you to your goal. It's like that peloton. I've been very consistent at my 20 minute rides. Yeah, I wasn't out there running marathons, but I've been very consistent. And now I can do more and more and more and it just builds. Yep.

Cinde Vadnais  40:58  
Well, you guys have done a remarkable job on going with the flow and going with the changes hands and sitting here doing the podcast and was on Tik Tok before we even knew what it was and

Sarah Huffman  41:10  
we was on tick tock before like tick tock was even a you.

Cinde Vadnais  41:13  
Yeah. How many followers do you have?

William Huffman  41:16  
Oh, not that many, like a couple 1000.

Cinde Vadnais  41:18  
Okay, that's pretty good. It

William Huffman  41:19  
grows. Because I found my rhythm. So it grows. I don't know. I'm probably three to five a week. So it's going up there. But yep, I get good engagement. So that's, that's all that matters

Cinde Vadnais  41:29  
to Facebook is where you guys are crushing it.

Sarah Huffman  41:34  
But honestly, it goes back to that consistency piece. Yeah, it's because Facebook, we've just like Facebook to us is the easiest mode. Yep. like Instagram, I would like to do more. But to me it's not as user friendly. But like Facebook is just like kind of home base. And if we can get to first and we can get to Instagram great. Or if we'll can get to Tik Tok awesome. I'd actually like to bring in a little bit more LinkedIn. You know, but it's like pick pick what's normal and natural for you and start there. Yeah, don't try to attack them. All right.

Cinde Vadnais  42:07  
Well, and video. I mean, that's, that's what I think the internet wants to see, too. Yeah. And Instagrams not so much about that.

Sarah Huffman  42:16  
They're more they're, they're changing. They're adjusting. Because what do we all know? Yeah, have to adjust.

Cinde Vadnais  42:23  
But you guys have been doing video on Facebook. Since the beginning.

Sarah Huffman  42:27  
Oh my lord. Yeah. And it was uncomfortable. So I have,

Cinde Vadnais  42:30  
so I do have to ask, Is it okay? Oh, yeah. Oh, no. Okay, so um, when is the happiness half hour coming back? And the song

William Huffman  42:40  
I'm working on I'm literally working with a public, a public broadcast company to see if we can't turn into a literally a weekly TV show.

Cinde Vadnais  42:53  
Okay. So it doesn't have to be a daily at four o'clock, or could you pre record it? What's the

William Huffman  43:02  
best stone? I don't think I want it to, I don't know, but it's gonna be coming back in some fashion in a weekly video of sorts. And I'm ready for it to because it's rain and talk goes from honor that's gonna ask you to hold the parry grip and actually get like Harry

Sarah Huffman  43:19  
grip. I mean, he's the writer of the taco song. He I've heard it now on a Hyundai commercial. Yeah, like, it's, it's a thing. It's actually a thing. Yeah.

William Huffman  43:30  
So I attribute it to the 10s if not hundreds of 1000s of views that we gave it.

Sarah Huffman  43:34  
You know what? Well, it wouldn't surprise the JIT. I'm telling you,

William Huffman  43:38  
our tacos song or intro it has I do believe it we're in the six figures for views for our happiness hours. And the

Sarah Huffman  43:43  
interesting fact is when we see clients that we haven't seen any and you know, because you know, you don't see your clients all the time, but you'll see them during life changes where when you stop at their house, or whatever it is. We just closed on a property two weeks ago and they have three kids and we walk in the door and they start singing the taco song. And

William Huffman  44:03  
about our one friend who was hey, it's William remember, yeah, knock knock William with REMAX because that's how I enter all my homes.

Sarah Huffman  44:11  
Oh, so this kid last week on a FaceTime was like, Hey, William knock no claim with remix. Yeah, I mean, it is. Yeah, it is. Something Yeah, it's really

Cinde Vadnais  44:21  
awesome. Yeah. And I think a happiness half hour at home with the dogs running around would be

Sarah Huffman  44:27  
good to just say Francine could ever only do need to make their presence.

William Huffman  44:30  
Yeah, you can set up a studio in the house too. Oh, lordy. Perfect.

Sarah Huffman  44:35  
Okay, Sydney one quick question for you and then we'll get into restaurants. What is relaxation look like to you?

Cinde Vadnais  44:41  
Oh, that's easy to um I may look like a you know, a super extrovert but I'm really not. And so I don't have a problem. Reading a book. I watch too much sports and going for walks, and you know, I have a tendency to go too fast, so I have to just slow it down. Yeah. So yeah, I don't have a problem with

William Huffman  45:10  
you like getting on planes as well, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. What do you like to go?

Cinde Vadnais  45:13  
So I've been fortunate I've had a sister who's lived in San Francisco in the Bay Area for the last 25 years. And my whole entire family now has moved to Colorado. So those have really been kind of my spots and then my older sister lived in Lake Nona begelman in Wisconsin on a on a small on a lake with three little boy so that was a three hour road trip. So between all that I just

Sarah Huffman  45:40  
couldn't where that resources were. Yes. Yeah. I'm like, yeah, like we nobody knows

Cinde Vadnais  45:44  
what like the Vegas. Yeah, yeah. So she lived on that lake. wehrens wedding. We

Sarah Huffman  45:49  
went to Kaiser and Luke's wedding at the resort in Wisconsin. Yeah. That's the lake that Cindy's talking about.

Cinde Vadnais  45:54  
You went in the wintertime.

Sarah Huffman  45:57  
Yeah, that was it's a magical place. Oh,

William Huffman  46:00  
yeah. That's pretty dope.

Cinde Vadnais  46:01  
Yeah. So I have had some good spots to go to.

Sarah Huffman  46:05  
Yeah. Well, and we, whenever we are needing some Cindy time, it is always guaranteed to have good food. That's well, Williams.

William Huffman  46:15  
Yeah. I'm just glad we share that that affliction that that disease that need for Fantastic five star review. Good. Yeah. Okay. Are you out of Florida five. Okay, stop go away. Or you're gonna say karaoke to?

Sarah Huffman  46:34  
Well, I should before we go into restaurants. Is there anything else that we've missed on our podcast with you?

William Huffman  46:39  
Yeah, Woody anything else? Otherwise we're gonna.

Cinde Vadnais  46:41  
I'm think so. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  46:43  
This has been awesome,

Cinde Vadnais  46:45  
buddy. Good. stuff. My very first podcast I might add to really

Sarah Huffman  46:49  
you haven't been on Brenda's podcast? Not yet. Miranda, Miranda.

William Huffman  46:59  
Oh, that's rude. Got up. Yeah, yeah,

Sarah Huffman  47:02  
yeah. But she only produces a podcast once every other week.

William Huffman  47:05  
I can't imagine she's that busy.

Sarah Huffman  47:11  
CEO of a $9 billion company.

Unknown Speaker  47:15  
Brenda, Brenda, we know you're busy. Can we please delete this or delete?

Sarah Huffman  47:21  
Canceled culture? Yeah, I'm done. You're done? Well, yes. Just kidding. Okay. Thank you. So go ahead. Well, all right.

William Huffman  47:28  
So we like to wrap up every one with asking you your top five favorite restaurants. Okay. And it doesn't have to be because of the food but it can be in spite of the food because we had one person say, Let's go to Olive Garden. Because that's, you know, they remember going there. We didn't ask Dustin. They remember going there with their mother. Yeah. You know, so what? Start at number five and work our way up. And yeah, tell us why.

Cinde Vadnais  47:55  
So when Jerry asked me to do this, it was really fun. It because nice. I've been to so many for me great places, but then it came down to it almost was more the people that were at the table with me. Yeah. Than the food but like William and I the food still needs because

William Huffman  48:14  
so it's good. But it the company is so important. Yeah. And that's

Cinde Vadnais  48:18  
kind of what surprised me. So I would say, you know, I mean, number five would be how can I not say baccio. I've been there, you know, a million times and had, you know, great food and I do have to get out of my rut. I'm in locally in Minneapolis. I'm in a rut. I need to find other places to go to. But I get all crazed about I need to have a reservation. It's true, though. Yeah, yeah.

William Huffman  48:43  
I've kind of with you. Yeah. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  48:45  
So that would be one. One of my all time favorites is the Hyatt Highlands hotel in Carmel.

William Huffman  48:52  
Well, hold on, hold on. What do you what do you get? what's your what's your go to at bat? You

Sarah Huffman  48:57  
got you.

Cinde Vadnais  48:58  
I don't even have to tell the waitress. It's uh, yeah, it's the child baby salad with the sight of walleye and aoli for dipping.

William Huffman  49:05  
I actually knew that.

Sarah Huffman  49:06  
I know you've been with Cindy here.

William Huffman  49:10  
Yes. Because in case somebody's never been there. Yeah. I'm Cindy also

Sarah Huffman  49:14  
is not afraid of a good appetizer or dessert if needed. Yeah,

William Huffman  49:18  
no, order it up.

Cinde Vadnais  49:20  
I do. I would say up Ochio i do believe you can order anything on that menu and it'll be good. And I don't it's consistent then.

William Huffman  49:27  
Yes. Yeah. And they do have a burger and it's good burger. Yep. Yep. So if you've just like I don't want any that other stuff in there. Calamari is delicious. That's why I bring up the burger. Because it doesn't scream burger

Sarah Huffman  49:42  
and I love the location of it. It's super Central.

Cinde Vadnais  49:45  
Yeah. And now they've got some outdoor dining so that's good to Yeah. All right. We'll

Sarah Huffman  49:49  
take us to Carmel. Okay,

Cinde Vadnais  49:51  
so the Highland hotel in Carmel. When you when you check in because the rooms are built into the highlands. They like to drive you to your room. Okay, which I thought was super cool. And then the area where you come together for meals is fantastic for the sun setting. And then breakfast. And I think that one it was just like, eggs Benedict, nothing crazy but the view is on my my screensaver out of this world. Unbelievable. Yeah, yeah. in Carmel.

William Huffman  50:25  
I don't know where Carmel is California? Yeah. Oh, okay.

Cinde Vadnais  50:29  
Yeah. Monterey, Carmel. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Clint Eastwood lives.

William Huffman  50:36  
Yeah, look on your face. Right.

Cinde Vadnais  50:39  
Right. Yeah, totally. All right. Yeah. And then another one I have here. I love to go to the theater. And, and so if I go to the theater, or I go to like a sporting event, I want to do it all I want to go have a nice meal and go to where it is. And so I don't even know if sea change is still open at three, three. It's so good. Just that is just a special night to me to have that. Get on the escalator head off. Yeah,

William Huffman  51:07  
yeah. So that is fun. Yeah. So that's just

Cinde Vadnais  51:09  
a nice experience. Plus,

William Huffman  51:11  
and you can pre order for those of us that are concerned about you can pre order your drinks for the intermission. Okay. At the country. Good tip. It is a good tip. Yeah,

Cinde Vadnais  51:19  
yes. Yeah. Yeah. And then, on the fourth of July, I went there. And it was a package. And it was like, you know, seafood feast. And we were outside. And then the fireworks. I'm telling you, I felt right. Like I was on vacation. You know, and that was in Minnesota. And my sister had flown in from San Francisco and my mom was there again. It was the Yeah, that was that was a special night. And I'm always like, how much is that going to cost? But you know, sometimes you just got it.

Sarah Huffman  51:53  
You just do that? It's, it's a memory just got to do for memory. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  51:57  
And another one is mon ami, Gabi that's at the Paris Hotel in Vegas. And this was like, one of the very first year went to conference and Brian Marcus from our, yeah, his brother in law either owns or runs that restaurant. Oh, really? Yeah. And so we were sitting outside, it's across the street from the Bellagio. Nevin Ray Rivera was there and a couple of others. And it just became like the funnest night ever. You know, the heaters were on and, you know, a nice French restaurant and I had to practicing the name a few times, mon ami, Gabi.

Sarah Huffman  52:38  
I want to they still there. Oh, yes. Yes. In February. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Yeah,

William Huffman  52:45  
yeah, yes. He's Yeah. Our fourth.

Sarah Huffman  52:48  
Yeah, mountains going

Cinde Vadnais  52:51  
here. It's probably freezing cold out. Yes. The heaters were on and we're just ordering all kinds of stuff and smart. So that was that was really fun. And then probably the last one. It's called the Trident, and it's in Sausalito. So, where this restaurant is positioned, it's downtown Sausalito, and you're out of Sausalito, California. Okay, San Francisco. Well doesn't know that California Civ two could Yeah, yeah. So like it's here. And then Sausalito, Sausalito could potentially be the most expensive real estate like Abra Oh, yeah. And so this restaurant is over the bay. And again, I don't know what the you know, we would usually just stop in for an appetizer and a glass of wine. So it's called the Trident now. And then from there, you can grab the ferry and ferry into San Francisco. And the last one I have is the Ferry Building in San Francisco is unbelievable. It's it's it's international. And there's a spot that all they do is make grilled cheese sandwiches for probably $4 million, or something, you know, but you know, so the Ferry Building is really cool, too. So

Sarah Huffman  54:01  
yeah, I just pulled up the Trident, Sausalito and Instagram. Thank you. Like, yes, please. Yeah. Oh, wow.

Cinde Vadnais  54:10  
Yeah. It's right on the bay. Yeah. Yeah. And it's in Sausalito is it just feels like a very international company, or country. They're speaking different languages. And it's just

Sarah Huffman  54:22  
kind of cool. And then the last that Ferry Building, you

Cinde Vadnais  54:25  
said the Ferry Building in San Francisco is amazing. Okay. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  54:30  
I love San Francisco. I have not been since I was. I bet I've not been there in 20 years. Yeah.

Cinde Vadnais  54:36  
Wow. And then dim sum. You guys have had that at the market arrow that places see and I just, you know, ride my sister's coattails and just go well, she's in the hotel business. So you know, it's like, okay, well, you know, yeah, so she'd fit in with well, you and I on because when we did a family trip to New York, she was in charge of restaurants and I was in charge of entertainment. So that was kind of fun.

William Huffman  55:02  
See the three lose me on the entertainment side because after dinner I just want to go home.

Cinde Vadnais  55:06  
Or you could go to the Mayfair also. Thank you. Yes,

Sarah Huffman  55:10  
I've heard that. Gosh, that Oh, fair. Next. Okay. Yeah, I've already tried to book reservations and they're not open yet. It is incredible because it but it's perfect or will Hoffman because will doesn't have like he already stated he doesn't like to go to the next spot for the entertainment. But if the entertainment can be at dinner, it's all at one. Boom. Yeah, it's in Oh, yeah. credible. And you can be in bed by like seven o'clock. Still. It's still gonna show. Yeah, so there's a plus. I mean, there is a plus in the food was good. The food was great. was amazing.

William Huffman  55:43  
I just think you're enthralled with the this the show her

Sarah Huffman  55:46  
heels. It was amazing. So well.

Cinde Vadnais  55:50  
It's more than the food. What made

William Huffman  55:52  
it special? Oh, yeah. Yeah, the food was good. Yeah,

Sarah Huffman  55:55  
company was great. Company was great. Yep.

William Huffman  55:58  
I am amazing. Oh, man.

Cinde Vadnais  55:59  
There's no doubt about that. I was there. Yeah. Yeah. I was actually really

William Huffman  56:03  
crabby at the beginning of that. Yep. Yeah. The whole table knew. Yeah. Oh, they did. Oh, Joe called you out. I'm like, Yeah, I'm working on a job. Leave me alone. I'm flipping the switch. I'm just in a bad mood. And then about 1015 minutes later I flipped. It sounds good. But

Cinde Vadnais  56:17  
see, that's what's great about you. The whole William we can tell you most people Yeah.

William Huffman  56:21  
Yeah. Doesn't mean I want to get out of it. But yeah, but yeah, I'll get told a lot. I get told.

Cinde Vadnais  56:29  
Get told Sarah does it. And then the last, the last one here is I enjoy anything on Williams grill. Oh, yes, that's true. When we fire that up. It's been a bit. We have a couple weeks here. Okay. Yeah, well, yes. Yeah.

Sarah Huffman  56:47  
Urgell January 23. April 23 23rd, y'all Warren? Yep. And what are you going to be doing well, bacon.

William Huffman  56:56  
Definitely bacon. I think it's going to be burgers a bacon. Simple I might do I might get the I might try making some competition chicken thighs just as

Sarah Huffman  57:06  
the hot tub going to be open?

William Huffman  57:08  
No. Oh, I'm not going to know I'm not going to know we only people going downstairs.

Cinde Vadnais  57:13  
I want to see your deck. It probably takes up three quarters of the yard. It's the whole yard. Oh boy.

Sarah Huffman  57:21  
It's it's well.

William Huffman  57:26  
All right, everybody. Well, thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. And as always, yo, deuces.

Accouncer  57:32  
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