The Change Podcast with Samir K Modi

Ep 3 - The Change Podcast with Samir K Modi: Entrepreneurship

May 08, 2023 Samir K Modi / Pavan R Chawla Season 1 Episode 3
The Change Podcast with Samir K Modi
Ep 3 - The Change Podcast with Samir K Modi: Entrepreneurship
Show Notes

The Change Podcast  with Samir K Modi - Soch Badlo Khudko Badlo, Duniya Badlo (change your thinking, better yourself, and the world) - is the brainchild of one of India's most progressive and successful business leaders, the inspirational SAMIR  K MODI, Managing Director of Modi Enterprises. 

In this, the  third episode of the series, Samir shares inspiration for entrepreneurs who have dreams and passion, and could benefit from the valuable guidance of a leader and enterprise builder like Samir  Modi himself. 

Moreover, this episode is embellished with several personal experiences from Samir's own life. As a leader who has demonstrated the drive and determination of a career entrepreneur from a very early age, Samir's insights, thoughts, and inspirations from a lifetime of entrepreneurial experiences will definitely help every listener. 

In this episode, Samir inspires entrepreneurs on how to shepherd and build upon their entrepreneurial dreams with the care, dedication, smarts, and an open mind.

Samir has created and is emotionally invested in this podcast series because ultimately, he believes that it's all about changing one's thinking (soch in Hindi) to change oneself and everything else around oneself for the better. 

Samir K Modi’s tremendous business and entrepreneurial acumen and success are demonstrated by the extraordinary businesses he has created. From launching India’s first direct-selling organisation, Modicare , backed by the vision of ensuring ‘Azadi’ for every Indian in financial and social spaces, to driving an innovative disruption in the retail space with Colorbar -- a brand that was recently voted as India’s most loved brand by a leading survey – Samir he has always believed in leading by example. He has also been the founding force behind 24 SEVEN Convenience Stores, India’s first-of-its-kind, round-the-clock convenience retail chain that has now gone on to become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Having never shied away from taking risks, Samir is a firm believer in the ideology: The greater the risk and conviction, the greater the reward.

So tune in to listen to Samir  K Modi, enterprise leader and creator extraordinaire, in this third episode of ‘Soch Badlo Khudko Badlo Duniya Badlo,’ the Change Podcast series by Samir K Modi in conversation with media and marketing expert Pavan R Chawla.  

We hope this episode inspires you. Please do share your feedback and let us know what you would like us to cover in future episodes.   

And if you have missed them, do listen to Episode 1 on Why One Must Change One’s Thinking, and Episode 2  on Women’s Empowerment.  

And hey, stay safe, stay positive, grow and, with positive thinking,  help everyone else around you too.