North Untapped
Is Danielle Smith in the clear? w/Stephen Magusiak and Jeremy Appel
Is Danielle Smith in the clear? w/Stephen Magusiak and Jeremy Appel 26:20 Canada ignores warnings about Israel's new far-right government 19:45 Canada's new fighter jets w/David Pugliese 30:32 Freedom Convoy 2.0? w/Luke LeBrun 34:46 That's a wrap, 2022! 1:54 The real purpose behind Danielle Smith's Alberta Sovereignty Act w/David Climenhaga 43:20 Dispatches from the Halifax International Security Forum w/Jeremy Appel 31:27 Danielle Smith's 'Alberta Sovereignty Act' skewered by critics 8:06 Why Canada ignored a report on Israel's system of apartheid w/Michael Bueckert 38:46 Parliamentary report ignores Israel's killing of Shireen Abu Akleh 10:19 How education workers made Doug Ford blink w/Adam D.K. King 44:35 Why is the NDP abandoning diplomacy? w/Ibnul Chowdhury 34:16 Haitian protesters tell Canada to stay out w/Jafrikayiti (aka Jean Saint-Vil) 51:44 Anjali Appadurai's plan to fix BC's health system w/Anjali Appadurai 27:55 Canadian firms continue to arm Saudi Arabia 11:32 Canada's response to Israel's killing of Shireen Abu Akleh 27:07 Advocating for sex worker rights w/Ashlynn Chand 33:35 The truth about Canada's role in Afghanistan 20:03 The monarchy's imperialist legacy w/Chuka Ejeckam 40:52 The 'quiet quitting' phenomenon w/Adam D.K. King 32:38 UCP leadership race w/Jeremy Appel and Stephen Magusiak 31:36 Socialism for Vancouver City Hall? w/Sean Orr 32:19 Defending public healthcare in Ontario w/Dr. Amit Arya 34:50 Canada's response to Israel's latest attack on Gaza w/Michael Bueckert 40:14 Understanding Canadian 'peacekeeping' w/Mitchell Thompson 30:07