Build Your Business Better Podcast
Randy Spurling started his service business and within a year started investing in real estate
Randy Spurling started his service business and within a year started investing in real estate 47:15 To avoid burnout, sixteen year web design veteran, Emily Carpenter, reinvented her business process without compromising her end results 48:59 Quickly customize your resume & stand out, without getting filtered out, and more job hunting tips with Hannah Morgan 51:29 Podcast Panel: New Years Resolutions with Ben Albert, Kevyn Rustici, Dr. Rehnuma Karim, Jon Goehring, and Coach Jim Johnson 54:22 Emily Palumbos dives into the politics and public opinions that play into what types of grants will be available for your business 45:32 Marvin Deitz of 2DAYSMOOD gives us the secret for empowering and retaining your people 45:50 Linda Heeler helps us explore the line between authentic sharing to grow your brand, and giving your audience TMI 1:04:28 The Perfect Granola founder Michele Liddle shares the big opportunities she's turned down that made her business, and her family, better 45:18 Author Joe Morone wants you to "poke the amygdala" next time you start a sales conversation 49:47 Casey Wood works remotely for Under Armour and started a unique passion project: an educational hobby farm 49:42 From collaboration, to personal growth, to the darkness inside of us, Ben and I dive into the deep end and aren't afraid to get vulnerable 45:54 Ben Albert, "Marketing Genius", talks influencers, finding your niche, and how he fought back against his personal demons by starting his own business. 40:09 Solocast - 6 Productivity Myths that are keeping you stressed and holding your business back 30:27 Steve Fuller, VP of Bristol Mountain, talks customer experience and how every part of your business impacts the way they see you - especially the bathrooms! 44:12 Successful Selling Solocast: Learn the core principles of selling, how to test the appetite of the market, and close sales ethically 28:20 Restaurant owner Susie Atvell talks strategic planning, and why it becomes especially critical in high pressure situations 36:58 The HR Revolution is here and Kevyn Rustici is its champion: How to Win the War for Talent 41:57 Auto Wash Car Wash owner Bobby Marchenese shares how he has created a business that can add a new location every 18 months 30:10 We continue with former Wal-Mart executive Bob Connolly as he covers branding, imagination, and execution for small business 22:11 Former Wal-Mart executive Bob Connolly shares why every small business has clients - not customers - and how to leverage relationships in a way that big companies can't 24:33 Kristen Fragnoli shows us that we all need a little extra help and lays out some criteria for picking your next coach 30:34 Tourism expert Valerie Knoblauch shares how to work with your co-op-etition so that everybody wins 29:58 HR Executive Michelle Pedzich shares tips on building a positive work culture through transparency and how to be a master networker 25:40 Kim Porter shares her story of rallying an all female brew team to create a beer whose sales provide help to victims of sexual assault 15:20 Who This Podcast is For... 3:17