How to Create a Glitch in the Matrix

How to Create a Glitch- Monologues- Season 41- Chapter 6

May 17, 2023 Joshuasaurus319 Season 41 Episode 6
How to Create a Glitch in the Matrix
How to Create a Glitch- Monologues- Season 41- Chapter 6
How to Create a Glitch in the Matrix +
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A discussion of "choke points" in the system which separate consensual and non consensual spaces. 

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How to create a glitch- monologues- season 41- chapter 6.

This is season 41 of how to create a glitch in the matrix monologues episode 6. In this episode, we will be talking about the use of spatial and archetypal territoriality to create "choke" points which separate consensual and non consensual spaces.

To begin, a "choke" point, is exactly like what it sounds. It involves the use of preferential expectation matching and territoriality to compel expectation matching in a particular place, segregated from another. Let me explain what I mean. Suppose you decide to go to a bar. You see a bar down the block you have never been to. Outside, are three individuals who go there quite regularly and are familiar with the staff and management. There is also a bouncer outside the door. It is a sports bar where they cheer for sports team A... These individuals are sitting on a nearby bench, with no intention of going into the bar. Now, you approach the bar, but as you do so, you encounter the three individuals, who are dialectically rationalized to you (that is, you dress like you support sports team B... but you actually do not). They invade your body space as you walk by, causing you to meet their expectations by uttering a rude comment about their sports jerseys.

Now the bouncer hears you, and refuses you admission to the bar. But these utterances could be on a distinct plate from the mundane. And also, the three sports fans outside could merely castigate you for liking the other team on a different plate, which draws out the same response albeit in a distinct plane. A "choke point" is created by territoriality with respect to a particular place or locale. It is created when people act as gatekeepers before admittance or at admittance as opposed to afterwards. Locations which project an atmosphere of familiarity tend to produce our ascension on the plates of meaning. Since to reach the esoteric or even approach it, is to witness the all in all of consciousness. Thus, a combination of a welcoming atmosphere inside the non consensual space, combined with a pressured atmosphere outside of it in the consensual space, creates a choke point where individuals are compelled to reach expectations according to a particular rationalization.

To put it another way, the gradient between the compulsion inside and outside some non consensual space determines whether it is a choke point. When the gradient increases dramatically as you transition from outside to inside, you tend to move into a non consensual space, where you meet the expectations of the rationalizers creating the choke point. Thus, doorways, as an esoteric gate, are usually associated with upward gradients. As you move from the outside to the inside of the non consensual space, you witness an atmosphere which is welcoming. But as you move from outside to the door, you witness an atmosphere that is acerbic.

Which is to say that different doors have different gradients, thus different compulsions. Although one type of doorway is a "choke point", an esoteric gate.

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