Behind Company Lines

Jake Wood, Founder & CEO of Groundswell

March 17, 2023 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 204
Behind Company Lines
Jake Wood, Founder & CEO of Groundswell
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Jake Wood is the founder and CEO of Groundswell, a software company that enables companies to make philanthropy an employee benefit. Groundswell launched in 2021 after raising $15 million in venture capital led by Google Ventures. 

Prior to launching Groundswell, Wood served as the founder and CEO of Team Rubicon, a disaster response organization that is widely considered one of America’s leading nonprofit organizations.

Jake is a Marine Corps veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, a twice-published author, a frequent contributor in the media, and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

Introduction: Scott Dykstra, CTO of Space and Time & Purandar Das, CEO of Sotero
Scott Dykstra: Before Space and Time
What Space and Time is trying to accomplished?
Locking Down Data into a Centralized Database
Censorship Resistance
Data Centers in Space: Is it Possible?
About Sotero and the Strategic Direction of the Company
Sotero & Space and Time Partnership
WhySpace and Time needs Sotero
Run a Query and Encryption
Any Search Query is Patterns
Space and Time set out to connect SQL query results directly to smart contracts in a decentralized trustless way.
The Value Proposition
User-Operated Data Warehouse Clusters
How far are you in real world value delivering? Who are the competitors?
The Value Proposition of Sotero
The Line Between Traditional Infrastructure Development and Defi
Hacks: Primary problem to solve?
Censorship resistance and Private Auditing of Sensitive Third Party Banking Information
Infrastructure and Data
Thoughts on the Ongoing Tension Between Using Cryptocurrency and Fiat USD
Freedom of Currency
U.S. Global Influence Expand to be a Significant Threat?