Behind Company Lines

Is Technology Killing Hospitality? | Tomer Molovinsky

June 15, 2023 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 294
Behind Company Lines
Is Technology Killing Hospitality? | Tomer Molovinsky
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Episode 294: Tomer Molovinsky, CEO & Co-founder at Per Diem

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Per Diem, the revolutionary white-label mobile app solutions transforming the restaurant industry. In this episode of Behind Company Lines, host Julian Torres interviews Tomer Molovinsky, the CEO and co-founder of Per Diem. Discover how Per Diem evolved from Tomer's previous experiences at OpenTable and Resy, and how they seized the opportunity to create a Starbucks app-like service.

Explore the incredible traction Per Diem has gained, with over a hundred stores, including renowned establishments like Chip City in New York. Gain insights into the risks they face in today's ever-changing world and learn about their ambitious long-term vision. Don't miss this enlightening conversation that will challenge your perspective on the future of the restaurant industry. 

Tune in now to unlock the secrets behind Per Diem's success!

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Tomer Molovinsky, CEO & Co-founder at Per Diem
Revolutionizing Dining Tech: Before Per Diem
Tech and Hospitality: Finding the Balance
Experience with OpenTable and Resy
Enhancing Restaurant Experience
Restaurants: Capturing Demand and Building Loyalty
Tech Solutions for Restaurants
Local Empowerment
The Biggest Risks of Building Technology on Restaurant Industry
Long-Term Vision of the Company
Square Integration: Mobile-Centric Growth
Founder FAQs: What's hard about your day-to-day job?
Nurturing Remote Teams
Founder FAQs: You're better doing now that you wish you were better doing earlier on
Mobile App Technology and Hospitality
Founder FAQs: Books Or People That Influence You as A Founder