Behind Company Lines

From Music To Venture Capital - Jon Keidan | BCL #304

July 18, 2023 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 304
Behind Company Lines
From Music To Venture Capital - Jon Keidan | BCL #304
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Episode 304: Jon Keidan, Founder & Managing Partner of Torch Capital

Join host Julian Torres in this exciting episode of Behind Company Lines as he sits down with Jon Keidan, the founder and managing partner of Torch Capital. Torch Capital, an early stage venture fund, is at the forefront of understanding how technology is revolutionizing consumer behavior and investing in mission-driven consumer technology companies. In this candid conversation, Jon takes us on his incredible journey from the music business to McKinsey, the startup world, and eventually finding his calling in venture. 

Discover the fascinating parallels between managing talent in the music industry and partnering with founders as a venture capitalist. Jon shares invaluable insights on how artists build their audience and reveals how founders can apply these principles to cultivate their own customer and consumer base. Don't miss out on this episode filled with eye-opening revelations and expert advice. Tune in now to gain a unique perspective on the ever-evolving world of technology and venture!

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Jon Keidan, Founder & Managing Partner of Torch Capital
Talent to Triumph: The Circuitous Path of a VC
Timing and Fit: The Key to Seizing Opportunities
Keys to Success
Co-Founder Dynamics: Aligning Ambitions and Assessing Compatibility
Changing Venture Toolbox
Regret, Focus, and Building Strong Foundations
Refocusing for Growth
Torch Capital Process On Brand Transition
Torch Capital: Traction & Growth
Creative Marketing Insight
The Power of Connection To Consumers
Navigating Founder Challenges
How Do You Measure Success Now?
Founder's FAQs: What's hard Abour Your Job?
What's Hard To Assess, A New Founder or A Founder Who Has Prior Businesses?
When Is VC Investment Not A Good Move For A Company?
Best Practices For Founder Deploying Capital
Founder's FAQs: Books Or People That Inluenced You The Most
AI's Commercialization Journey
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