Behind Company Lines

The Future Of Digital Collectibles - Hiram Vasquez | BCL #305

August 03, 2023 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 305
Behind Company Lines
The Future Of Digital Collectibles - Hiram Vasquez | BCL #305
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Episode 305: Hiram Vazquez, CEO & Founder of LALA

In this captivating episode of Behind Company Lines, we sit down with the visionary CEO and Founder of LALA, Hiram Vasquez. LALA has taken the entertainment industry by storm with its digital collectible marketplace, empowering fans to own a piece of their beloved movies and TV shows like never before. Join host Julian Torres as he delves deep into Hiram's early career experiences, the inspiring journey that led to the creation of LALA, and how this revolutionary platform is reshaping the fan experience.

Prepare to be enthralled as Hiram shares exclusive insights into the entertainment industry's inner workings, and how LALA's unique approach is changing the game for both fans and creators. If you're passionate about movies, TV shows, or simply intrigued by groundbreaking innovations, this episode is a must-watch. Get ready to explore the world of LALA, where storytelling and fandom converge in an entirely new and thrilling way. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of entertainment!

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Hiram Vazquez, CEO & Founder of LALA
Before LALA
Startup Wisdom Unveiled
Entertainment's Ownership Evolution
Funding Smaller Projects
Navigating the Movie Industry
The Power of Online Fandoms
Creative Risk-Taking in Film Studios
AI in Writing: Friend or Foe?
LALA: Connecting Consumers
What Can We Expect From LALA?
Fan Engagement: Beyond the Screen
Long-Term Vision For LALA
FOUNDER'S FAQs: What's Hard About Your Job?
LALA: Redefining Project Accountability
Global Art Connections
How Do You Find The Right Person For The Project?
FOUNDER'S FAQs: What skill do you wish you had been better at earlier?
Increasing Points Of Access
FOUNDER'S FAQs: Books Or People That Influenced You The Most
Frictionless Crypto Collectibles
Where Can We Find You?