Behind Company Lines

Where is Family Tech headed? - Zoya Lehrer | BCL #310

February 26, 2024 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 310
Behind Company Lines
Where is Family Tech headed? - Zoya Lehrer | BCL #310
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In this episode of Behind Company Lines, Julian Torres dives into the realm of Family Tech (Fam Tech) with our guest Zoya Lehrer, the Co-Founder and CEO of Orgo. Zoya shares her journey from the corporate world into the entrepreneurial space, her inspiration for creating Orgo, and the challenges she faces as a female founder. She also discusses the rising trends in Fam Tech and Orgo's integration of AI in maintaining family logistics. Stay tuned till the end to hear her anecdotes about balancing entrepreneurship and parenting. 

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BCL - Zoya Lehrer, Co-Founder & CEO of Orgo
Personal Journey and Career Path
Transition to Entrepreneurship
Challenges of Modern Parenting
Building a Solution for Parents
Challenges of Family Management
Emergence of FamTech
Integrating Technology into Family Life
The Reality of Family Logistics
Market Potential for Orgo
Incorporating AI into Orgo
Challenges and Risks in Startup Journey
Orgo's Long-term Vision
Female Founder Experience
Creating a Viral Mobile App
Personal Life and Interests