Behind Company Lines

How Misinformation Infects Minds - Alex Fink | BCL #312

March 22, 2024 Hosts Julian Torres and Mike Townsend, sponsored by Otter Labs Episode 312
Behind Company Lines
How Misinformation Infects Minds - Alex Fink | BCL #312
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In the bustling world of online information, finding the good stuff is like hunting for treasure. Behind Company Lines ventures into the heart of innovative solutions with host Julian Torres.

In this episode, Julian interviews Alex Fink, the CEO of Otherweb, Inc. Fink discusses his journey from being an engineer to becoming a founder and CEO. He highlights the challenges of transitioning from a world of positive feedback as an engineer to one where negative feedback is more common as a founder. Fink also shares insights into the founding of Otherweb and its mission to improve information consumption by filtering out low-quality content using artificial intelligence. Additionally, he touches on the evolution of the company's business model and the importance of being intentional about what one consumes.

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Mental Health & Media
Clickbait & Emotional Manipulation
Informational Load & Depth
Fake News Dynamics
Personal Motivations
Content Quality Measurement
Founder's Journey
Consulting Career Insights
Unique Engineering Skills
Consulting Practice Explained
Camera Technology Evolution
Otherweb's Growth Journey
User Engagement Strategy
Future Plans Unveiled
Content Consumption Reflection
Crossing the Chasm
Monetization Strategy
Content Creation Advice
Inspirational Reads
Final Thoughts