Satisfaction Factor

#68 - We Need to Talk About Ozempic & Wegovy

May 03, 2023 Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson
Satisfaction Factor
#68 - We Need to Talk About Ozempic & Wegovy
Show Notes

This week, we’re talking about a very hot topic that has been requested of us multiple times - the weight loss drugs Ozempic & Wegovy (plus a little bit about Mounjaro & Saxenda)!

Note: We are not registered dietitians, or doctors, or medical providers of any type, and this podcast does not constitute medical advice!

Instead, this episode is more of a research roundup. We did all the Google searching & reading so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. (But also, if you do want to, we’ve provided links to everything below.) Generally, though, a great deal of our research was pulled from the work of Ragen Chastain, Dr. Asher Larmie, and Christy Harrison.

And, lastly, a content warning: A lot of the articles & studies we’ll provide will include the o-word, BMI references, references to body weights, and references to disordered eating behaviors. Also, even the articles that talk about the problems with these drugs still often paint them in a positive light.  We did our best with language within the episode, but use caution, especially if you decide to follow the links.

In this episode we're covering:

  • The basics of how each of these drugs work & what they're prescribed for
  • The marketing & popularity of these drugs (including a story from Sadie that will blow your mind!)
  • Harmful drug side effects
  • Why the risk/benefit analysis for taking these drugs is different for diabetes than it is for weight loss
  • The impact that marketing of these drugs for weight loss is having on folks living with diabetes and eating disorders
  • Why these drugs are actually not a miracle "cure" for fatness
  • How these drugs (and other weight loss drugs) keep getting approved, despite their harms & ineffectiveness

Click here to get all the links for research referenced in this episode!

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