Satisfaction Factor

#71 - Unpacking a Real Life Experience of Medical Weight Stigma

June 14, 2023 Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson
Satisfaction Factor
#71 - Unpacking a Real Life Experience of Medical Weight Stigma
Show Notes

CW: medical weight stigma, BMI, bariatric surgery, and some discussion of restrictive post-surgical diets 

Last month, Naomi  had a really difficult medical experience, and when she shared about it on Instagram, she got a lot of responses from people saying how helpful it was to hear how she navigated it. Unfortunately, experiences like these are way too common, and hearing about how other people navigate them can both take the shame out of them, and also help us to prepare.

So, this week, we're unpacking Naomi's real life experience of weight stigma, including:

  • How she navigated a contentious weigh-in request
  • How she responded to an inappropriate recommendation for bariatric surgery
  • Why her experience clearly illustrates how weight stigma exists on a spectrum, and how privilege and stigma can co-exist
  • The complicated emotions this experience brought up, and why feeling bad is a normal response
  • The tools she used to process these emotions after the appointment

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