Satisfaction Factor

#82 - Navigating Non-Diet New Year's Resolutions

January 10, 2024
Satisfaction Factor
#82 - Navigating Non-Diet New Year's Resolutions
Show Notes

We're so happy to be back this week with a brand new episode all about how to set non-diet New Year's resolutions! We've noticed a lot of people setting resolutions or intentions this year - way more than we have in quite some time - and we wanted to support that choice with a conversation about how we can make sure that diet culture isn't creeping into this practice.

In this episode we're chatting all about:

  • Those in & out lists we're seeing everywhere this year
  • Why resolutions don't have to look a specific way & some alternatives to the typical strategies
  • Reframes for the usual food, body, and movement-based resolutions
  • And some ideas for resolutions that have nothing to do with food, bodies, or movement at all!

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