Satisfaction Factor

#83 - Unexpected (But Very Practical!) Benefits of Intuitive Eating

January 24, 2024 Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson
Satisfaction Factor
#83 - Unexpected (But Very Practical!) Benefits of Intuitive Eating
Show Notes

This week we’re talking about some super practical and sometimes unexpected benefits of intuitive eating! We all know intuitive eating can transform your relationship with food and your body, but what might that look like on a practical level? How does that show up in our lives, from the day-to-day stuff to the big stuff? It can be hard to wrap our heads around why it's worth doing all the work it takes to practice intuitive eating, so these are some examples of how it can impact our lives far beyond whether or not we're eating the cookies!

In this episode we're talking about practical benefits like:

  • Feeling more connection to cultural events & experiences
  • Being more present at big events
  • Traveling with less stress & more flexibility
  • Making grocery shopping more efficient & often more cost effective
  • Working out without the rigidity & frustration
  • Setting boundaries & practicing critical thinking outside of the contexts of food, body, and diets

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