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#84 - Fat Positive Fertility with Nicola Salmon

February 07, 2024 Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson
Satisfaction Factor
#84 - Fat Positive Fertility with Nicola Salmon
Show Notes

This week, we’re talking to Nicola Salmon about all things fat positive fertility!

Nicola is the leading voice for fat folks seeking fertility support, bringing a unique fat-positive perspective to her work as a fertility coach and author of the groundbreaking book "Fat and Fertile”.

She is a prominent figure in the world of fat activism, using her platform and expertise to challenge the weight bias and stigmas that exist within the fertility industry and empower those who are often marginalized to take control of their reproductive health with confidence and self-assurance.

Through her innovative and evidence-based approach, she helps clients find their own path to wellness, free from diets and body shaming, and encourages them to trust and believe in their ability to conceive. With her expert guidance and compassionate support, Nicola is changing the way people approach fertility.

We had an awesome conversation with Nicola about...

  • weight bias in fertility medicine
  • what the research really says about pregnancy risks for folks in larger bodies
  • why you don't need a "fertility diet"
  • how to navigate being told that BMI is a barrier to fertility treatment
  • ways to support both fertility and pregnancy with a non-diet, fat positive approach
  • the importance of community 
  • and so much more!

You can connect with Nicola and learn how to work with her on Instagram @fatpositivefertility, or at her website! And be sure to check out Supported, her fat positive fertility community!

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