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#86 - Weight Loss Surgery Fact & Fiction with Kirsten Morrisson

March 06, 2024 Naomi Katz & Sadie Simpson
Satisfaction Factor
#86 - Weight Loss Surgery Fact & Fiction with Kirsten Morrisson
Show Notes

This week, we’re talking to Kirsten Morrisson all about weight loss surgery.

Kirsten Morrisson is an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She is the Host of Intuitive Bites Podcast and runs her own virtual private practice helping women heal their relationships to food and body.

We had an awesome conversation with Kirsten about...

  • how her experiences working in a bariatric surgery department got her started on the path to intuitive eating & Health at Every Size 
  • the facts about the weight loss from weight loss surgery
  • whether weight loss surgery can "solve" hunger
  • how weight loss surgery impacts long term health
  • the overlap in the conversations about weight loss surgery & drugs like Ozempic
  • how you can still find peace with food and your body, even after weight loss surgery
  • and so much more!

You can connect with Kirsten and learn how to work with her on Instagram @theintuitive_rd, or at her website! And be sure to check out her 8 Week Food & Body Peace Program which will be opening for enrollment in March and starts up in April, as well as her Free 40 Minute Peace With Food Training available at the link in her bio on Instagram!

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