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#53: Worried My Adult Son Isn't Finding Enough MEANING In His Life...

February 21, 2020 Jenny Morrow and Bryce Bauer
Advanced Relationship Podcast
#53: Worried My Adult Son Isn't Finding Enough MEANING In His Life...
Show Notes

In today's episode Jenny offers some ideas to a caring father who wonders how he can better communicate and support his son in creating more meaning. 


"I currently have a situation with one of my adult children that requires some life coaching.  He is currently 28, financially independent, and single.  He dates a lot but has not seemed to have found a meaningful relationship.  We obviously know our children well and like to help with some "life coaching," but often we are biased and don't understand (or accept) the mindset of the so called "millennial" mindset.

My son has done fairly well in his career since graduating from college.  He sells commercial real estate in Los Angeles.  He has also suffered from bouts of anxiety and I think some depression.  He has sought out some help, but nothing I would call a "full effort."

He is very social, likes to go out, hit the night clubs, and has the social media habits of many others like him.  From my perspective, he parties too much.  I think it messes with his chemical balance. 

He has found in the last few years a love of travel.  He is currently taking Spanish lessons, and spent time in Mexico City, Spain, Cuba and Columbia in the past 1.5 years. 

He is now considering a "career change."  He is applying to an MBA program at Thunderbird in International business.  He claims to be "unenthused" with his current career and believes he needs to change.  While I support this career introspection, I think if he does not properly assess his current "whole" picture of his life, and meaning, he will not be happy with his next choice either - we are just in for a repeat. 

How do my wife and I communicate or direct him to get some meaningful "objective" life direction before he makes major decisions.  How can we direct him to the best information?"


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