Advanced Relationship Podcast

#14: Relationship TRUTHS during the Holidays!

November 23, 2018 Jenny Morrow Episode 14
Advanced Relationship Podcast
#14: Relationship TRUTHS during the Holidays!
Show Notes

The Holiday Season has officially begun!

You're at a family party. The food tastes great, you're with people you love, and it's supposed to be the happiest time of year...

But you feel miserable.

You're wishing your partner understood you more, you feel criticized by your mother or unseen by your father-in-law, you wonder if you really belong in your group of friends. 

The Holidays can be a magical time of year.  They can also be very isolating and lonely...even when there's lots of people are around. 

The Holidays are a Magnifier.  They will magnify the love, support and joy in you life, while simultaneously magnifying grief, unresolved family conflicts, unhealthy patterns with family and friends, relationship problems, insecurities and personal weaknesses. 

In today's episode, Jenny talks about the Fantasies many of us have around the holidays, and the TRUTHS about the Holidays!

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