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Media Man Podcast with Uzo Ometu
Media Man Podcast Ep. #002 - Cable Grows, Social Media Sucks and Bye-Bye OnCue
December 01, 2013 Uzo Ometu
Cable companies grow, social media sucks at e-commerce and bye-bye to Intel's OnCue PayTV system. In the second episode of the Media Man Podcast, host Uzo Ometu talks about the potential acquisition of Time Warner Cable and what it could mean for the Pay-TV ecosystem. Uzo also unveils his "Media People of the Week" bit, where he goes into Spike Lee and Film District's failed release of "Oldboy." And lastly, Uzo breaks down Intel's desire to sell-off the OnCue unit, the now failed venture to bring pay-TV to the internet. (December 1, 2013) -
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