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Ep 210 Final Finale
Ep 210 Final Finale 1:53:29 Ep. 209 Why is it so hard to make and keep friends as an adult? 1:01:19 Ep. 208 This One Stings: A Huge Show Update and Mike & Jason Debate ‘He Gets Us’ 1:24:51 Ep. 207 Jason Joins Joe P on the RE Choice podcast and talks about recalibration. 37:56 Ep. 206 Mike and Jason (two white dudes) talk about how black men are not safe from cops; Jason is a victim of a racial slur; Did Mike’s honking incident cross the line? 57:05 Ep. 205 Jason Resigns from Lucrative Career; Mike’s Quest for Expensive Workout Gear; Jason Implores Mike to Be a Pastor to Him 1:10:04 Ep. 204 Mike Decides to Become a Libertarian after a Gas Stove Debate; Jason is a Rock Star Bus Driver; And Jason Gets Hit by a Car…AGAIN 1:06:33 Ep. 203 Uncovering the Truth About an Orthodontist: A 39-Hour Journey to Recovery and a Deep Dive into Ottawa County's Corruption 59:47 Ep. 202 Mike and Jason lose their cool; Jason was weirded out during Mike’s special moment; And a Ben update 1:10:28 Ep. 201 Jason Wants Meaghan to Make Friends; Natalie and Meaghan Set the Record Straight…Again; And You Will Never Guess Mike’s Favorite Holiday Food 1:11:36 Ep. 200 Celebrating 13,000+ Minutes of Unfiltered Dialogue; Should Jason and Mike Start an Only Fans; and Jason Has a BIG Announcement 1:11:44 Ep. 199 Mike's Been Getting Attacked at Night; Jason is the Dad of the Year; The Office for the Win 1:00:00 Ep. 198 Jason Meets Mike’s Mom; Mike Conquered COVID; And Dealing with Election Stress 57:00 Ep. 197 Meaghan joins Jason because Mike has the vid, Jason has a new job and not so great blood work. 1:00:13 Ep. 196 Half Marathon Results; Jason's Work Frustrations; And is Jason Really Done with Therapy 1:16:58 Ep. 195 Jason Drops a Mental Health Bomb; Mike Was Wrong Last Episode; Mike and Jason Give Great Advice to ‘Baffled in Texas’ 1:00:27 Ep. 194 Proud Dad Moments for Jason and Mike; Jason Calls Out a Bully; And Patreon Kate Battles Mike in Trivia 57:46 Ep. 193 Is Jason an Atheist; Mike Gets Fat Shamed; And Can We Please Stop Talking About Jason’s Bladder 53:41 Ep. 192 Jason’s Bladder Issue; What’s Up with Mike’s Screen Time; An ER Visit; And Parenting Teens in the Age of Technology 56:34 Ep. 191 Jason’s Dog Battles a Skunk & Mike’s Absurd Amount of Screen Time 58:42 Ep. 190 Mike Shares a Bombshell and Jason Wins an Award 59:50 Ep. 189 || The ladies (Natalie and Meaghan) take over and gang up on Jason and Mike laughs his butt off the whole time 1:02:50 Ep. 188 || Conquering the deck, birthday parties, no breakfast made, and extra edgy bearded dudes 1:00:22 Ep. 187 || Two Bearded Dudes discuss (debate) Roe v Wade & Am I The Ahole? 1:09:32 Ep. 186 || Jason bares all & Mike recalls his National Lampoon’s Vacation-esque return trip from Colorado 54:03