Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

How to Create ANY business in 3 Simple Steps - Episode 4

July 19, 2022 Chris Ellis Season 1 Episode 4
Boss Talk with Chris Ellis
How to Create ANY business in 3 Simple Steps - Episode 4
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In this super special episode, I’ll be revealing the fastest, cheapest and most reliable strategy for turning any business idea into a very real income. If you’re a total newbie when it comes to starting a business, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Today’s episode is...
How to Create ANY business in 3 Simples Steps

What happens in this episode?
I’m going to show you my signature Chat-to-Convert method. It’s a simple 3-step process for literally turning any business idea into a business.

Why is this episode so important? 

  1. It proves that it’s very possible to start a profitable business for free in many cases. 
  2. It proves that you can turn total strangers into customers through casual (but exciting) conversation, instead of through aggressive & annoying sales tactics.

Episode Highlights

  • The 3 simple steps of turning any business idea into income. 
  • The importance and difference between a “Boss Mentality” and “Customer Mentality” when starting a business. 
  • It’s possible to speed up the launch of your business by turning a big, expensive product idea into a simple starter product. 


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Hey, it's Chris Ellis. You're from a neighborhood business coach. And welcome to boss talk with Chris.

This is a show where I help you avoid the common mistakes the amateurs make when trying to become entrepreneurs. And in today's episode, I'm going to show you the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable strategy for returning any business idea in to real income.

Specifically, I'm going to explain something called the Chat-to-Convert method, a business building strategy I've used since I was a teenager it's super effective and super simple. I can't wait to get into this episode, but first allow me to reintroduce myself.

Show Intro
This is, this is, this is Chris Ellis and I am a business startup coach.

My mission is to empower and I do that by showing everyday people how to turn any business idea into very real income. This show is for the creatively and financially frustrated dreamers of the world.

This show is for those of you that can't escape, the feeling that your life that you are living doesn't match up with the life that you are capable of having. You know, that you can do more and be more because you've been blessed with a burning passion or an undeniable talent or a game changing business idea that can change the world.

You just don't know how to go from dreamer to doer. I'm here to let you know that you've landed in the right place and that this show is for you. I'm going to give you all the game when it comes to launching a small business with no unnecessary, expensive time consuming steps.

So, if you're ready to go from breakdown to breakthrough, let's get into this.

Digging Into the Topic Today
Today's episode is called how to create any business in three simple steps. This episode is really special to me because it's an unofficial reboot of this podcast. The original goal of this podcast was very simple. Help listeners avoid pitfalls on the road to wealth.

Now, if you were to ask me, "Chris, what's the smartest thing that you can do to start a successful business?" A year ago, I would say, well, you gotta learn how to think, like a boss, not a customer. 

Here's an example of a rookie mistake, "I'm going to create a really cool product or service that can literally help everybody. That way I can maximize my ability to make money." 

This business strategy only makes sense to people whose conscious relationship with businesses is like shopping at target. This is the mentality. " Target has everything I want. So obviously I must have everything a customer might need in order to win in business."

But I'm here to tell you that that's not a boss mentality. That is a mentality of a former customer, essentially jumping into the entrepreneur arena and then playing boss. 

Real hustlers know something simple.

When you're starting out, you need to niche down in order to win. Customers wanna buy products that seem specifically designed to cater toward their biggest needs. The feeling that the product is made for them inspires them to make the purchase. 

When you try to appeal to everyone, you basically water down your brand and you create less customers, not more. 

This concept is a great example of the difference between a boss' mentality and a customer's mentality. One mentality makes you extra money and the other one costs you extra money. 

This is why I say that. Shifting your mentality from a customer status to boss status is the smartest strategy for becoming an entrepreneur long term.

This philosophy is why I created the podcast because it's designed to help everyday people avoid the pitfalls on the road to wealth. But, over the course of the last year I've been hit with the revelation that I can't really escape. I'm trying to help people avoid pitfalls on the journey to wealth, but the truth is most of the people that need to hear this podcast haven't even taken their first step on the journey.

They're not actually on the road to wealth yet. So, I've been preoccupied with the question, "How can I give you the listeners, the quickest win possible?" 

How can I turn your ideas into income in the fastest way possible? And after many months of being on hiatus, I've come up with an answer.

I'm going to use this platform to show as many people as possible the chat to convert method. 

The chat to convert method is a simple strategy for turning any business idea into very real income. The name chat to convert, refers to the act of converting strangers into customers using just casual conversation instead of aggressive sales tactics.

I personally swear by this method because chat to convert is literally the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to create any business. And I'm not even exaggerating here. It's literally a three step process. 

  1. Turn Your Big Expensive Business into an Easy to Launch "Starter Product"
  2. Create An Exciting Conversation Around Your Starter Product.
  3. Strike Up A Conversation And Rake In The Cash

That's the whole strategy. So today I'm gonna walk you through these three steps, and I'm gonna tell you about three to four reasons as to why I love this strategy.

Step 1: Turn Your Big Expensive Business into an Easy to Launch "Starter Product"

If you are listening to this podcast, you're probably a grown ass person with a day job, real responsibilities and limited time and money.

This is why the very first step is to take your big, expensive time consuming business idea and turn it into a simple product or service that you can launch ASAP.

Let's say that you want to be. Your natural instinct would be to tell yourself, "Oh, I like to cook barbecue. Ooh, I should open a barbecue restaurant." But if you work a regular nine to five with limited resources, you don't have the ability to create a business like that, but you can do any of the following.

Start offering cooking classes through Groupon, sell pulled pork sandwiches at your job to your.

Create a booklet of recipes. Bottle and sell your own blend of barbecue sauces. These are all easy to offer starter products that can generate cash immediately. The point here is, "Don't open a restaurant, so the sauce."

Step 2: Create An Exciting Conversation Around Your Starter Product.

Have you ever read a headline for an online article and it was so outrageous that you blocked this can't be true, but you just had to click on it any way to find out. And then two minutes later you went, wow. I learned something new.

This is basically how step two works. Create a conversation around your product or service. That seems too good to be true. One that creates initial curiosity, but once proven will excite people so much, that they'll go that's so cool. I never knew that

Step 3: Strike Up A Conversation And Rake In The Cash

Once you proven the importance and the awesomeness of your product or services that you provide, people will naturally ask. "So how do you know all of this stuff?" At this point, all you have to do is explain what you do for a living. Oh, I'm a cook. Oh, I'm a health and wellness blogger.

Oh, I'm a web designer. Okay. If you happen to be talking to your ideal customer, they'll light up and say, oh my God, I've been looking for someone just like you. Where can I buy your stuff? Do you have a business card, et cetera? Boom. Now you have a new customer and there you have it. Three steps to turn it any business idea into real income.

Here are the four reasons I love Chat-to-Convert.

Reason # 1: It's The Most Reliable Way to Start a Success Business.
I wanna be clear about something I did not invent Chat-to-Convert. This strategy is way older than me. I just came up with a catchy nickname for it.

That being said, this simple strategy has been used to launch some of the biggest business empires and brands in the world, including Apple, Ralph Lauren, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Coca-Cola, Underarmour Nintendo, et cetera. All of these products, companies and brands have the same thing in common. It basically started out with one guy with one simple product, striking up conversation with prospective buyers and then selling this shit out of the product, using a fun demo, either a demonstration of knowledge or a demonstration of the actual product, but it all started with one product.

Ralph Lauren apparently sold neck ties, which I didn't know. That's how he started. Uh, Steve jobs and Wozniak, uh, sold the Mac computer. Obviously Under Armour literally only started off with the Under Armour shirt and the founder would do demos with college football coaches. That's how all of that started yet.

All of these business people were able to turn chat to convert into billion dollar brands.

Reason #2: It's the Cheapest Method of Launching a Business
That's because like I said earlier, Chat-to-Convert takes your really big, expensive idea in turns it into a simple product or service that you can launch right now.

Here's the crazy part. If you have a good enough money making chat or demonstration, then you can literally start a business in most cases for free. When I was painting for a living, I used to think that I needed to have all my art supplies bought and readily available before I could even advertise myself as an artist.

But what I realized was if you have samples of your work, that's good enough to get people excited enough to just pay up front. Like you can literally say, oh, sure. I can paint that picture for you. As long as you give me a hundred dollars upfront, then you can just use the money to buy whatever you need right on the spot, and then get to work.

I use this system for years to secure clients, even when I was like dead broke and had no money for supplies. So, yeah, in a lot of cases with Chat-to-Convert, you literally don't actually need money upfront to even start a business.

Reason #3: Chat-to-Convert Work for Any Idea Or Industry
I've used this method to sell paintings, murals, logo designs, health, coaching services, life coaching workshops, books, and online courses. And the list continues to grow.

That's because the crux of the strategy involves creating a compelling conversation about whatever you do for a living and because you can pretty much make anything interesting, if you come at it from the right angle, the method pretty much works for any product or service. So yeah, you can use Chat-to-Convert for anything and everything.

Reason #4: Chat-To-Convert Give You The Shortest Path To Getting Paid
Chat-to-Convert allows you to skip unnecessary, expensive and boring steps when creating a business.

Because of Chat-to-Convert I've never had to follow the traditional steps that we're told that we have to follow when starting a business.

I've used Chat-to-Convert for 20 years. And for like 16 of those, I haven't done any of the following.

Come up with a company name or logo for my business ventures. Have a website or a business page on social media. File paperwork to turn my ventures into an LLC or corporation, get certification, additional training for any services that I provided.

And yet I've never lost money creating a business. In many cases, I've never even needed money to even get started in the first place.

And I get rave reviews from all the people that I work. To this day, I don't even have business cards.

I don't need them. If I want to make money or business connections, all I gotta do is come up with a simple product, create a money making chat about said product and strike up a conversation with people I meet.

This is why I say that business can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

So for all of these reasons, I've decided that teaching people Chat-to-Convert is the best use of my time, especially on this platform.

Preview for Next Episode
The next time we meet, I'm gonna be showing you the results of chat to convert by starting with a client of my name, Alonia Taylor. Alonia Is an aspiring writer. She's had this idea to create a fantasy novel for years, but she just couldn't get started. 

So basically she booked my services in using the Chat-to-Convert method we actually completely outlined her novel in three weeks. So it's gonna be an incredible episode and I can't wait for you to hear about the  amazing results for yourself. 

For now, thank you for listening to Boss talk with Chris Ellis and I'll see you soon.