Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

Mark Gets His Breakthrough In 20 Minutes! - Episode 6

August 02, 2022 Chris Ellis Season 1 Episode 6
Boss Talk with Chris Ellis
Mark Gets His Breakthrough In 20 Minutes! - Episode 6
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Here’s the scenario. You’ve got a talent… BUT… you’re scared to charge money for it because, “What if no one wants to pay for it?” So you just keep giving it away for free. That was Mark’s situation, before our session.

Today’s episode is...
Mark Gets His Breakthrough In 20 Minutes!

What happens in this episode?
Today I’m going to take you behind the scenes of my business and you’re going to hear a real “Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” session, featuring a new client.

“Brainstorm-2-Breakthru” sessions are pretty straight forward.

New clients tell me what business or talent they’d like to make money from.
They tell me the one thing that’s stopping them from moving forward.

Then, I use my years of experience to provide them with a solution in 20 minutes or less!

In this session, Mark James Heath (a community event organizer) talks about wanting to get to the next level of his career. His only problem is… He doesn’t know how to ask people to pay him for his services.

Why is this episode so important?
Most people think they're talented, but not talented enough to actually be paid as a professional. If you fall in that category, chances are you need to unpack some negative mental programming, just like Mark does in this session.

Episode Highlights

  • There’s power in seeing yourself as an “opportunity” instead of “a bill”. 
  • Respecting your customers’ “true values” is the secret to getting paid for what you do. 

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[00:00:00] This is, this is, this is Chris Ellis and I am a business startup coach. 

[00:00:07] My mission is to empower and I do that by showing everyday people how to turn any business idea into very real income. This show is for the creatively and financially frustrated dreamers of the world. 

[00:00:22] This show is for those of you that can't escape, the feeling that your life that you are living doesn't match up with the life that you are capable of having. You know, that you can do more and be more because you've been blessed with a burning passion or an undeniable talent or a game changing business idea that can change the world. 

[00:00:43] You just don't know how to go from dreamer to doer I'm here to let you know that you've landed in the right place and that this show is for you. I'm going to give you all the game when it comes to launching a small business with no unnecessary, expensive time consuming steps.

[00:01:01] If you're ready to go from breakdown to breakthrough, let's get into this. 

[Begin Session]

Chris [00:01:07] I am super excited today because this is going to be a behind the scenes look at my signature Brainstorm-2-Breakthrough one-on-one coaching session. 

Chris [00:01:18] What I do is I have a client of mine basically tell me 1) their business idea, 2) what seems to be holding them back from starting right away.

Chris [00:01:25] And then I use my business coachy brain and years of experience to come up with a solution right there on the spot. My goal here is that when you see other people that have similar aspirations and similar problems, find answers on the spot, that finally proves to you that, your dream is not only possible, but also extremely profitable. So let's get started. 

Chris [00:01:48] Can I just start by getting your name, sir? 

Mark [00:01:53] My name is Mark James Heath. 

Chris [00:01:55] Welcome to your future breakthrough. Are you excited for this conversation? 

Mark [00:02:00] Absolutely. Very excited for the conversation. 

Chris [00:02:03] Alright. Cool. So, mark, what do you want to do with your life? 

Mark [00:02:09] I want to create community outreach programs, workshops, fundraisers, things like that.

Chris [00:02:14] And what is the obstacle that is stopping you from going after it now? 

Mark [00:02:23] Not sure how much to charge or how to charge, how to monetize it. 

Chris [00:02:29] Thank you very much for helping me with all of that. In this particular case, the goal is very simple. One, I want to give you solutions to your issues that you may have never considered.

Chris [00:02:40] And two, I want to give you the feeling that this isn't just some dream that you have, but something that is very achievable. So that's where I want us to be by the end of this. Does this sound good? 

Mark [00:02:52] Yes, it sounds perfect.

Chris [00:02:55] All right. Let's make this. So here's my question, is it the fear that you're not going to charge enough and that you will be underpaid for your craft? Or is it more, so you feel like if you charge a certain amount, people will not buy it.

Mark [00:03:17] I guess it's more the latter that if I charge a certain amount of people, won't buy it. To me, it's a little more nuanced than that. If I'm working in the community, trying to add value, particularly for organizations that are already trying to get cash and gather capital and resources. If I become a part of the overhead essentially... um, then it's like, "Oh, well we can't afford their services. So it doesn't really help us." Like if they have to choose between paying me and paying another bill, then I'm kind of defeating the purpose. I'm not really helping if I'm charging money. 

Chris [00:03:58] What I'm hearing is that you're defining yourself as a bill.

Chris [00:04:04] Did you hear that? 

Mark [00:04:06] I heard that. 

Chris [00:04:08] Right. The way you're going about this is, "Well, no, one's going to pay me because they have bills and I an extra bill". So, if we're starting from that framework, how do you think you're going to be able to move forward if that's how you see yourself? 

Mark [00:04:30] Hmmmm... clearly not. Not able to move forward. 

Chris [00:04:34] Right, right. You're not going to be able to move forward if you're saying to yourself, "Well, I'm a bill." You need to see yourself as an asset. Like, let me ask you a question. People that these organizations have working for them, those people have to get paid, right? 

Mark [00:04:50] Yes. 

Chris [00:04:51] Okay. So why shouldn't you get paid? They're paying those people. Why are they not paying you?

Chris [00:04:58] Why are you not worth paying for?

Mark [00:05:03] I'm definitely worth paying. 

Chris [00:05:05] If the question is, if you're definitely worth paying, why are you not standing on that fact? Why are you not giving people your price, if you're worth paying? If you believe it. Do you believe it though? 

Mark [00:05:18] Yeah. I believe that I'm… that I'm worth paying.

Chris [00:05:21] Okay. So if we know that that is worth paying, then... is this really a problem? And if so, what's still the problem?

Mark [00:05:34] From a business model standpoint, um, I feel like there's a difference between who my services directly are for and then whom I'm charging for my services. Does that make sense? 

Chris [00:05:54] Yeah, yeah. That's a... that's a common thing. Um, a lot of times in business, you are facilitating a particular solution.

Chris [00:06:01] So you are a point in the chain. Right? So, for me, I'm obviously not going to be helping the people you are helping directly. Right? 

Mark [00:06:14] Right. 

Chris [00:06:15] Right! But I'm helping you to help them. 

Mark [00:06:18] Mmm Hmm. 

Chris [00:06:19] So aren't we aligned? 

Mark [00:06:23] Yes. 

Chris [00:06:24] Okay. So then you're aligned. The question is, do you not feel like you're aligned? Because here's the thing. Like... people put money in your hand may not be the people that you actually help.

Chris [00:06:38] If you're a doctor and my kid comes into where you are and I say, "Oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God! Mark my kid is dying" or whatever... obviously, I need you to help my kid out. And obviously it's a little kid, they can't pay. And they're also unconscious. So like... they can't put the bill right now, but I can.

Chris [00:07:03] Where's the misalignment?

Mark [00:07:06] I guess there is no misalignment. 

Chris [00:07:08] So you're saying you are worth it. There is no misalignment, so what's really stopping you?

Mark [00:07:16] I guess I have some sort of issue around asking people to pay me money for some reason or another. That is always like a weird... a weird moment for me to be like, this is how much the services cost. Um, and I'm not... I'm not sure why to be honest. 

Chris [00:07:40] I'm going to cheat a little bit, like... I know you personally. So I'm going to cheat and use some of the personal information that I know. 

Chris [00:07:50] And... what I've noticed is we project ourselves onto our customers. And we say that well, I am overblown. I am overwhelmed. I am doing everything that I can. And I'm just trying to make you through. I don't see solutions in front of me as valuable enough for me to stop what I'm doing in order to do this.

Chris [00:08:19] So it is selfish for me in someone else's problems and in the thick of it that I have my hands out to take money from you. And a lot of times that's our mentality... is that, "I wouldn't spend extra money on this because I feel like that's just taking away from my resources. So I feel like that the people that would benefit from my services probably are in the same position as I am. And they feel that way about me too." 

Chris [00:08:55] Is that fair or am I way off? 

Mark [00:09:00] Nah, I think that's fair.

Chris [00:09:02] Right. I'm going to share something personal. So I grew up very poor. Um, I have a wife whose family is much more well off than I have ever been. And through the process of my wife, getting her education and us building businesses and stuff like that... I've had to lean on them for support. And me being from where I am, where I'm from.

Chris [00:09:37] It's like, yo, "I can't just be a bill to someone else." You know what I'm saying? Cause they're just trying to make it. And it took me a long time... and I don't want it to take this long for you. Because, the people that you want to help... your mission is too important for you to be tripped up on your own pride.

Chris [00:10:03] Your mission is way too important for you to be tripped up by this idea that everyone feels the same way. I feel about me. I used to feel this way. I used to say to myself that, um, "Well, If I asked for anything, they see me as taking away from them. They see me as taking away resources that are limited for them."

Mark [00:10:28] And it took me a long time to get the fact that sometimes people don't have that impression about you. Sometimes people just see you as worth the investment.

Chris [00:10:48] Some people see you as worth the investment. So they have no problem giving it to you. Somewhere out there in the world. You have to know and understand that you are the answer to someone's prayers. That... you are exactly with somebody who is looking for. It happened to me. It's happened to my own wife who has a health practice that we've been like, "Oh man, our services may be too expensive." And we'd go out there, tell the people what we're doing and... lines out the door.

Chris [00:11:28] People are like, "Oh my God, I just been waiting for somebody like you to come along. I've been looking for so long for someone like you and now you're here. How can I pay you? How can I send more people to you?" 

Chris [00:11:44] And a lot of times we get in a situation where we think of ourselves as the world. Instead of understanding that we are one person in a chain of all types of people with all types of priorities.

Chris [00:11:57] And in that big old wide ass world, there are so many people that are looking for you and you are the answer to their prayers. And all you have to do is say something. Speak it. And they will not only want to work with you... will be gladly pay you as much as you need. Because they want to see people like you win. It took me a long time for me to realize that some people just want to see me win and that value is more important than me taking out their pockets.

Chris [00:12:42] Some people just want to put you up position. You are like a literal brother to me. So I can say this whole heartedly, like... I just... Dude, I just want to see you win. When you sign up for the contest to get free slots, I'm like, I'm going to do whatever, whatever I can to make sure that you get one, because I know what you're capable of.

Chris [00:13:08] I see that in you. And I know that someone sees that as well. But if you could just get out of your own head and stop thinking that everyone has the same philosophy about you, as you have about them. That's your breakthrough. As soon as you realize that... as soon as you understand that you can say to yourself, "You know what? I'm worth this. And I trust that you think that I'm worth it too." 

Chris [00:13:41] But you have to see it for yourself.

Mark [00:13:49] Wow. Yeah. That I never, I never really thought about that. Or even thought about, um... Even from my perspective, how much money I spend on that same sort of thing. How much money I've invested into helping see people win, who I want to see win. 

Mark [00:14:09] And how that's furthered my life probably more than any other thing that I have put my money into. Actually sowing into the people who I believe in and things like that. So, yeah, that's a, that's a good point. 

Chris [00:14:24] Yeah, and it's heavy is powerful where you truly let yourself internalize it. When you let yourself go and get out of your head and just let yourself see it and experience it.

Chris [00:14:38] It's almost like letting somebody hug you for the first time. And feeling that embrace.

Chris [00:14:47] It's an emotional experience for me because at least for like, it was a big thing for me to just learn, to let other people love me like they want to love me. And let people support me like they want to support me. And I was so scared to just being rejected because of how I felt about me.

Chris [00:15:08] And once I got past it and start letting people love me the way could be loved, then it was just like, "Oh, I'm lovable." And it sparked something in me to say, "You know what? I can see how people respond to me. And how much people believe in me and how much people care about the mission and wanting to support me. And if they believe that to be a fact, why can't I?" 

Chris [00:15:45] For me, it was very powerful. And surprisingly enough. I called this a breakthrough session, but I did not expect this to be so therapeutic.

Chris [00:16:03] I didn't even expect the, into all of that, man. I thought that was going to be kind of a short-ish conversation.

Chris [00:16:13] That's... that's all I will say about that specifically here. Um, yeah. So I'll ask you this then. Before you scheduled this call, how optimistic that you really had the answers that you needed to forward with your business? 

Mark [00:16:37] Before I scheduled this call, um, I felt like I'm right there. Because I'm, at that point.. I'm at that point where I'm moving around and people were... and they just, we always get stuck at that place where people are like, "Cool, so what's the fees?" That's the part where things stall, where I have to be like, "Dang, I'm like, How much am I charging people?"

Mark [00:16:56] That's the part that jams me up. It's not sustainable to just keep volunteering. So there's so many things I want to do that I'm like, ah, I can't do that. Cause I got to go over here to make some money. So I'm really was like, yo, I'm expecting today and this session to get, uh, to get that missing piece of the puzzle so that I can move forward.

Mark [00:17:17] And you know, there I am moving with that. 

Chris [00:17:22] Well, how do you feel now that we've talked about it? 

Mark [00:17:27] I feel great. I felt excited about starting to think about myself differently in terms of, um, really leaning into what's valuable about what I'm doing. You know, because that's where the answers are as far as like, how much does this cost?

Mark [00:17:45] How much am I charging people? It's like, what's the value that I'm bringing to the table. Really get specific about that really, really dig into what I want to give people from it. And then I can understand like, "Okay, well, this is how much that should cost to provide." 

Chris [00:18:04] Right. So we've gone into a value mindset of how does your interest in how you work, align with the people that are actually going to be paying?

Mark [00:18:14] Yes, exactly. 

Chris [00:18:17] Got it. So now that you're in that frame of mind, now, this makes the process a lot easier for you to actually start figuring out the actual cost then. 

Mark [00:18:29] Absolutely. 100%

Chris [00:18:32] 100%. All right. I feel like, this was a positive session, I feel like we did what we needed to do. Did you get your breakthrough? That's what I want to know.

Mark [00:18:40] Absolutely. I'm definitely unstuck. 

Chris [00:18:44] That's a clip, baby! Hahahaha. That's a soundbite for yo ass. 

[ Outro and Important announcement ]

Chris [00:18:48] Thank you for tuning into this episode of boss. Talk with Chris Ellis. 

Chris [00:18:57] Shout out to Mark for being a part of this special episode. 

Chris [00:19:00] And just to let you know... and here's your call to action, everybody. 

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Chris [00:19:33] Basically you tell me your idea. You tell me why you feel that you can't get started now. And I'll use my years of experience and my business coaching brain to come up with the solution right there on the spot. I'm not gonna guarantee that you'll get a breakthrough, but you will though. Hahahaha

Chris [00:19:52] Thank you very much for tuning into this special episode and I'll see you next week.