Boss Talk with Chris Ellis

The Most Critical Step To Starting A Business - Episode 02

August 31, 2021 Chris Ellis Season 1 Episode 2
Boss Talk with Chris Ellis
The Most Critical Step To Starting A Business - Episode 02
Show Notes

Did you know there’s a hidden UNSKIPPABLE first step in launching a business? It’s a step that can save you years of frustration and lost revenue. That’s the topic for today’s episode of “Boss Talk”, the show that teaches how to avoid THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES amateurs make when trying to become entrepreneurs. 

Today’s episode is…



What is this episode about? 

I explain the importance of creating something called your “business north star”(aka a BNS)  and how having one will safely guide you through every phase of starting a business. I’m going to show you all the advantages you’ll have when you have a BNS and all the trouble you can get into when you don’t.

Why is this episode so important? 

I unveil a world class master-tool you can use to start building your business immediately — ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Episode Highlights

  • I expose that activating your hidden boss-like reflexes is the quickest and easiest way to launch a business venture. 
  • I explain how the most common way amateurs try to launch a business makes it impossible to properly “network”. 
  • I expose how a Business North Star makes it easier to find and connect with your ideal customers. 


Don’t forget to click on or go to to start activating your inner-boss with a simple exercise called “Find Your Business North Star”.

In this 20-minute exercise, I’ll show you step by step how to create a world-class description of your business idea that will serve as the backbone of unshakeable confidence and self-motivation. And I’m giving you this tool absolutely free when you click the link and join the mailing list. 

Stop daydreaming and start launching. Go to and start finding your business North Star right now.

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See you next episode.