Art and Obsolescence

Lori Emerson

March 22, 2022 Ben Fino-Radin Episode 30
Art and Obsolescence
Lori Emerson
Show Notes

Although the role that technology plays in a work of art can sometimes be fluid and flexible, stewardship of time-based media art still requires material connoisseurship: a deep understanding and appreciation for the medium, its artistic possibilities and limitations. This week’s guest Lori Emerson, has built an academic body of work steeped in just that sort of connoisseurship, rooted in the world of electronic and experimental poetry. By establishing the Media Archaeology Lab in 2009, Lori has made it possible for countless others to learn about the creative affordances of yesterday’s technologies. Tune in to hear Lori’s story, for a virtual walking tour of the lab, and to hear what solutions yesteryear’s technologies may have for today’s problems.

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