Art and Obsolescence

Episode 007: Chrissie Iles

October 12, 2021 Ben Fino-Radin Episode 7
Art and Obsolescence
Episode 007: Chrissie Iles
Show Notes

On this week's show we chat with curator Chrissie Iles, who since 1997 has been the Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, where she has built a singular collection of time-based media art. In this extended chat with host Ben Fino-Radin, Chrissie tells the tale of how she built this amazing collection, her general approach and philosophy as a curator, her roots in artist-run spaces, and her vision for the future of the art world.

Links from the conversation with Chrissie
> The Whitney Museum of American Art:
> Into the Light: the Projected Image in American Art, 1964–1977:
> Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016:

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