Art and Obsolescence

Episode 010: Shu Lea Cheang

November 02, 2021 Ben Fino-Radin Episode 10
Art and Obsolescence
Episode 010: Shu Lea Cheang
Show Notes

This week’s show features legendary net art pioneer Shu Lea Cheang, interviewed by our very first guest host, Emma Dickson. Together they discuss the conservation of Shu Lea’s piece Brandon (1998-1999), how the remnants and ephemera of creative practice lives in archives, institutional link rot, and Shu Lea’s fruitful decades long collaboration with a programmer whom she’s never met.

Links from the conversation with Shu Lea
> Shu Lea’s website:
> Brandon:
> Restoring Brandon:
> Emma's website:
> Emma’s walkthrough of Brandon:
> Emma's TikTok:

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