Art and Obsolescence

Episode 014: Christiane Paul

November 30, 2021 Ben Fino-Radin Episode 14
Art and Obsolescence
Episode 014: Christiane Paul
Show Notes

This week features legendary curator of digital art, Christiane Paul. It would be fair to say that digital art is having a moment these days, so who better to provide some context than the curator who quite literally wrote the book on it. From publishing a glossy quarterly magazine on digital art and hypertext in the 90s (Intelligent Agent), to her extensive curatorial work at the Whitney Museum of American Art and as an independent curator, Christiane Paul has had a major influence on how the world collects, understands, and curates artistic practices that exist in, and evolve from the digital world. Tune in to hear the story of her career’s evolution, and what Christiane thinks about the current hype around crypto art.

Links from the conversation with Christiane
> Whitney Artport:
> Programmed:
> The Question of Intelligence – AI and the Future of Humanity
> Sunrise / Sunset:
>  Christiane's book:

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