The Service Center

Sara Glenn - How you do things matters in service

September 14, 2021 Sara Glenn Season 1 Episode 1
The Service Center
Sara Glenn - How you do things matters in service
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Sara Glenn is the Chief Operating Officer for Accor in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Sara sits down in the Service Center to talk about her story in the hospitality industry, the value of taking risks, and the importance of taking care of people, both hotel guests and employees. Sara and William discuss how she sees herself as the "Chief Facilitator of Resolutions" to help her team solve problems, and that the lodging industry will not be able to build back the same after the pandemic. Sara explains how everything starts with the employee and the most critical focus in hospitality should be on how you make people feel.

Hosted by William C Murray, PhD:

William is passionate about service and the human experiences within the hospitality industry. He began in the service industry at the early age of 14 and has never looked back, gaining experience in retail, restaurants, and major hotel companies nationwide. Along the way, he earned a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a degree in English Literature, an MBA in Tourism Management, and his PhD in Management.

William is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph (Canada) in the School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management at the Lang School of Business & Economics. He is an award-winning hospitality management educator with over 20 years experiences at both colleges and universities across Canada. His research focuses on workforce sustainability and the human condition of workers. He has published work in top journals, including Sustainability, the International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration, and the the Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, along with being a co-author of the textbook Snapshots: An Introduction to Tourism, 6th Cdn.

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