What Is Sidetone, And Why Is It Important?
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Headset Advisor Business Tech Reviews
What Is Sidetone, And Why Is It Important?
Oct 12, 2022 Episode 64
Doug Merritt

This eposide of the Headset Advisor Tech Review Podcast will help you to better understand sidetone; what it is, and why it's something you'll want in your next headset. You'll also find out about two excellent headset models that have sidetone, and how both differ in how they provide it. The Podcast is a short 8 minutes, so make sure to listen to the entire show because there's  some golden nuggets at the end.

This episode is narrated by Doug Merritt, Founder and CEO of Headset Advisor.

You know, sidetone is one of those headset features that really never gets talked about.  In  fact, most people  really don't  know what it is. But the truth of  the  matter is sidetone plays an important  role  in  allowing us to have a natural sounding,  free flowing conversation. And without a certain amount of  sidetone, you won't be liking life when on calls.

So a good starting point is to define what sidetone is.

Sidetone is the sound of your voice that's picked up by a microphone, and redirected to the ear speakers. When this happens, it allows you to hear your voice, so you can regulate it when talking to others.

When you can't hear yourself  talk, it leaves you uncertain as to the audio level to talk  at. You'll probably end up talking louder than necessary because you simply can't guage how loud to talk.

This  is where sidetone plays its important role. It gives you instant feedback as to how loud you're talking.  And when you get that immediate feedback, it allows you adjust the volume at which you talk.

There's no shortage of double ear headsets to choose from.  Even within  specific  brands you have  a very wide selection of models.  So,  how do you choose one that might be best for you?  That's a hard  one to answer honestly. You can read reviews, or talk to vendors, but my advice would be to try the headset BEFORE you buy it. And if your vendor won't  give you a unit  to  try before you buy,  then you should  really find a new vendor.

There's absolutely no substitute  for trying out the product  before buying it. You can test the sidetone to make sure it's acceptable,  but you can also test the headset  for  comfort,  sound quality and more.

Two headsets that I think you should consider include:

Orsound Tilde Pro. This is a premium grade Bluetooth headset with a 28 hour battery,  a mic boom that's magnetic,  and removable when  not needed. And,  you can continue using  it via the  include  wire even when the battery is recharging.

The  sidetone is adjusted through the Orosound App, which is  a download. If you aren't allow to download software, then you should consider my other  recommendation;  the Discover D722U

The D722U is  a  wired  USB, double ear headset  that has a sidetone button in the inline controller. You're able to activate, or deactive it when you like. The inline controller also includes a speaker for those who don't have a speaker in their computer. So,  you can listen to music, or hear  when your softphone is ringing.

Use  coupon code BLOG for a nice discount  on either of these headsets. Trade in  yoru old headsets to save even more. And  if the budget's tight, ask us about our VERY affordable monthly headset lease program.

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