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Oklahoma Ghost Stories and Urban Legends with Jeff Provine

October 26, 2021 J Hall Season 1 Episode 3
Okie Bookcast
Oklahoma Ghost Stories and Urban Legends with Jeff Provine
Show Notes

We're celebrating Halloween at the Okie Bookcast! Our guest for Chapter Three is Jeff Provine - author, professor, and ghost tour guide. Jeff grew up on a Land Run farm outside of Enid and now is a Professor of English at Oklahoma City Community College. Jeff's fiction work ranges from The Academy - a long-running web comic to Celestial Voyages - a series of steam-punk novels. He is also the author of a series of books in the Haunted Oklahoma series (some with Tanya McCoy) that focus on ghost stories and urban legends from around the state. His latest book, Secret Oklahoma City, focuses on unusual stories about OKC. In addition to his writing about Oklahoma, Jeff leads ghost tours of the haunted sites around OKC and Norman featured in his books. You can access Jeff's work at jeffprovine.com.
Our conversation centers on Haunted Oklahoma and ghost stories from our state, but we also cover Oklahoma history, pigeons, comics, and an incredible choice for his meal with a fictional character.

Our review is by D.E. Chandler, reviewing Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. D.E.'s work ranges from novels (Bone Sliver and Nova Wave) to award-winning short fiction and poetry. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Oklahoma City University’s Red Earth MFA program, and lives with her husband Tom in Oklahoma. She is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation’s Prosateurs chapter. You can find out more about D.E. and her work, as well as links to her social media, at her web site - dechandlerwrites.com

Mentioned in the Chapter: 
Reading Rainbow
Haunted Oklahoma Books - Jeff Provine

  • Norman Campus
  • Norman
  • Shawnee
  • Guthrie
  • Oklahoma City 
  • Oklahoma

The Academy w/ Commentary - Jeff Provine
The Academy Classic - Jeff Provine
Okie Comics
Celestial Voyages series - Jeff Provine
Stone of Thor - Peggy Chambers and Mike Kennedy
Secret Oklahoma City: A guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure
M.R. James - "The Mezzotint"
Edgar Allen Poe - The Raven
Book of Dwarves
Book of Elves
The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck - Don Rosa
Hex - Thomas Olde Heuvelt
Bone Sliver - D.E. Chandler
Nova Wave - D.E. Chandler

Links to all of these titles and organizations available at okiebookcast.com

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