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Okie Bookcast Chapter Seven - Ginny Myers Sain: Dark and Shallow Lies

December 21, 2021 J Hall Season 1 Episode 7
Okie Bookcast
Okie Bookcast Chapter Seven - Ginny Myers Sain: Dark and Shallow Lies
Show Notes

Welcome to Chapter Seven of the Okie Bookcast! I get to talk with the delightful author Ginny Myers Sain. Ginny's debut YA novel, Dark and Shallow Lies, has exploded this fall, becoming an Indiebound bestseller and showing up on multiple top books of the year lists.  Her book is a mystery-thriller that explores the question, "How do you keep a secret in a town full of psychics?". You can find out more about Ginny and her work on Twitter (@stageandpage) and Instagram (@ginnymyerssain) or at her website - ginnymyerssain.com. You can find Dark and Shallow Lies everywhere books are sold.
My conversation with Ginny includes her book and its unique setting, the connection between her work in theatre and her writing, and why she chooses to write for young adult audiences. She also drops some information about her new book coming in 2022!

This chapter's review comes from Oklahoma author J.L. Hyde. J.L. is an Okie transplant from a small town in northern Michigan and says she's not leaving any time soon. She became an author after losing her job in hospitality management due to COVID-19 and has published two books - Underground and Delta County. You can connect with J.L. on Facebook  (AuthorJLHyde), Instagram (@bookandbeerreview) and her website - jlhyde.com.
J.L. reviews The River at Night by Erica Ferencik. 

Mentioned on the Podcast:

Anna Myers
Benjamin Myers 
Tennessee Williams 

  • Night of the Iguana 
  • A Streetcar Named Desire 
  • The Glass Menagerie 
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 

That Weekend - Kara Thomas
The Forest of Stolen Girls - June Hur
The Corpse Queen - Heather M. Herman
Park & Fine Literary and Media
Underground - J. L. Hyde
Delta County - J. L. Hyde
The River at Night - Erica Ferencik

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