A Scary Home Companion

Up Jumped the Devil

April 20, 2019 Season 3 Episode 4
A Scary Home Companion
Up Jumped the Devil
A Scary Home Companion
Up Jumped the Devil
Apr 20, 2019 Season 3 Episode 4
Nathaniel Hensley
One day the old share cropper stopped planting crops and starting burying Klansmen
Show Notes

They called Buck Harp the Klan Killer

After the tragedy that befalls his family, Buck Harp does more than seek revenge. He becomes a spirit of vengeance that will haunt the men in the white hoods for generations. 

Join me for the incredible story of a Southern legend.

Normally I don't do trigger warnings, but this story takes place in an ugly part of history. It isn't just the violence itself that is offensive, it's the hate behind it. It may be a tough listen for some folks, but I think it's a story that needs to be told warts and all.

Jeff Davidson edited and helped produce the episode

Songs used:

Arwhoolie Cornfield Holler

Run Old Jermiah

Long Hot Summer Day

New Buryin Ground

and Have Mercy Lord

all these songs, and lot more, come from The Sounds of Slavery, credited to T David Franklin
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