Level: Asian

Tu Le on Representation, Running for Labor & Third Culture Identity | Ep. 05

June 26, 2022 Level: Asian Podcast Episode 5
Level: Asian
Tu Le on Representation, Running for Labor & Third Culture Identity | Ep. 05
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In this episode, we’re joined by Tu Le, community worker, advocate, and organiser, currently working in the community legal sector assisting victim-survivors of domestic and family violence and coordinating capacity-building and community legal education programs.

Tu has previously served as the General Secretary of the Vietnamese Community in New South Wales. She also co-founded Y-Collab, a youth advocacy organisation, providing opportunities for young people in South-West Sydney to create a positive social impact in their local communities through grass-roots youth-led initiatives.

Through her work, Tu is committed to fighting for greater diversity and justice in Australian society, and more recently in politics. Tu shares her experience of running for the Labor Party, the importance of representation for younger generations and how she deals with criticism in the public eye. 



The Shock of Tu Putting Herself Forward for Labor
How Tu’s Parents Came to Australia
Struggling to Learn Vietnamese As a Kid
Tu’s Positive Experience in Highschool
The Cultural Shock of University
Why Tu Chose to Study Law
The Mentality Gap Between Our Parents’ Generation vs. Our Generation
Navigating the Third Culture Identity
The Importance of Representation for Younger Generations
When Did Tu Actually Get Into Politics?
Experiences of Being an Asian Female in Australian Politics
Asian Hate During the Pandemic
Tu’s Take on ‘The Parachuting’ Situation
Dealing with Criticism in the Public Eye
Is Tu Still Running as an Independent for Labor?
Representation in Parliament for Marginalised Communities
Representing Disadvantaged Communities
Tu’s Advice on How to Get Into Politics
How We Can Create a Voice for Ourselves
Why Tu Focuses On Community Law
Tu’s Day-to-Day in the Electorate Office