Male Encounters of the Life Kind

Ken's Out, Barbie Nip Slips In

July 15, 2022 Ken Collins & David Mills Season 2 Episode 23
Male Encounters of the Life Kind
Ken's Out, Barbie Nip Slips In
Show Notes

Ken couldn't be out done by David taken time off for surgery, so he takes the week off to really, nothing quite as serious as a full hip replacement or anything. Barbie stops by and gives David a much needed power hug. David slips her a dawg, I mean buys her a dawg from the Dawg House at Traeger's Bar. She's the best!!! Thanks Julie for stopping to keep the sound in check.

Hosts:  David Mills & Ken Collins
Executive Producer: david mills/InterWest Concepts Ink
Sponsors: Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate/Golden Door, Ken Collins Marketing, Encore Coffee Shop & Traeger's Bar
Sound Engineer:  Julie Blair
Photographers:  Julie Blair
Music beds written & performed by: Eric Campbell

Recorded live, unscripted and uncut at Traeger's Bar in Farmington, NM.  Traeger's Bar is not responsible for any of the content of said programing, they just give us money to sit and chat. Guests are not paid to appear; they completely volunteer to subject themselves to the craziness.

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