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68. Stop Making Decisions for Recession and Start Deciding for Growth

November 15, 2022 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
68. Stop Making Decisions for Recession and Start Deciding for Growth
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Powerfully navigate this recession and continue to grow your business with guest Dan Davis on this episode of What’s Working Now. Today, Dan helps viewers to avoid panic mode and make their company recession-proof using the power of positive thinking and a focus on what’s important. Keep your eye on the summit and continue to make that climb instead of remaining comfortably in the foothills, take time to slow down and think about your future goals, and watch growth happen–regardless of economic circumstance.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Find people that will help you course correct and keep you on the right path both in your personal and professional life. Speak to them regularly.
  • Use time blocking to give specific space to urgent tasks while also maintaining time to focus on your important personal needs.
  • Stop making decisions in anticipation of the recession and instead make decisions focused on growth. The money will follow. 

Dan’s Instagram: @stirydan
Website: stiri.com

About Dan Davis
Dan Davis is the CEO of Stiry, a video production company. He started the business several years ago during the tail end of the recession. Dan and his team have been working on making their business recession-proof by making investments and changes that will help them grow–and they are succeeding!

During this time of volatility and recession, Dan has been trying to stay focused on the summit (their long-term goal) and not get caught up in the panic and doom and gloom. He advises other entrepreneurs to do the same.

Show Notes
[00:00:02] - Dan Davis is going to talk about how he navigates a recession within his business and with his team.

[00:00:56] - Stiry has been in business for six and a half years and has been through 20 recessions in that time. It’s important to not have a scarcity mindset when making financial or operational decisions.

[00:04:03] - In times of recession, focus on the summit and make decisions that get you to that point. It's also important to work with your leadership team all the way down to your part-time employees or contractors.

[00:06:26] - Dan shares about a time last week when he was in a panic mode because some of his company's jobs fell through. His health was also in decline because he had a kidney transplant. His wife reminded him to focus on the vision and the summit where the company is going. Within a week, a new opportunity came up for Stiry.

[00:11:05] - In entrepreneurship, it's important to surround yourself with good mentors, coaches, a spouse, and health care professionals to keep yourself on track. Dan has a personal coach that touches business and personal life and a mentor that helps Stiry.

[00:13:29] - One of the greatest tools Dan has learned is time blocking. He makes time to put out the fires, the urgent things. But he doesn't make his whole day available to those to creep in. He focuses on the biggest opportunities first.