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69. Curiosity, Conversations, and Problem Solving: Make Selling EASY by Connecting with Humans

November 22, 2022 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
69. Curiosity, Conversations, and Problem Solving: Make Selling EASY by Connecting with Humans
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Join host Katie Richardson in a special coaching episode with an incredible up-and-coming entrepreneur. Guest Alex Klein has done some amazing things to develop her power brand, the products, even the manufacturing, but there is a big piece missing. In today's episode, Katie dives into how Alex can take her passion and message and get it into the world. Hear why two most important things on Alex's to-do list are selling and having conversations with influential people in her industry–and why they should be on yours, too!

3 Key Takeaways

  • Approaching a potential with a pitch will not get you sales! Start by asking questions with radical curiosity.
  • Show how your product will grow THEIR platform. This may require additional research into what their audience needs right now. 
  • Your inventory is your business’ life source–focus on keeping the cash flow by keeping consistent sales. 


WYRL Beauty 

About Alex Klein

Alex Klein is founder of WYRL Beauty. She started the company because she wanted to carry on her mom's legacy and help women all over the world. Her product is built to empower women and eliminate toxic thoughts by eliminating toxins with vegan, cruelty-free, high-quality lipstick products.

Show Notes

[00:01:48] - Guest Alex Klein introduces herself and provides a background of her entrepreneurial journey and the motivations behind her product. 

[00:07:49] - The first thing Katie wants everyone who's listening to understand: when you're sitting on inventory, you're sitting on the cash of your company. It's really important to keep that turning so that there's blood flowing through the business.

[00:09:45] - Katie provides an example of when she began her business with little inventory. You NEED to make sales, and you do that through conversations.

[00:15:32] - Katie’s sales trick: don't leave somebody until you've said,” I appreciate your time. I understand that you don't have the answers. Do you know somebody who does?” There may be something inside of you that is hesitating to have these sales conversations; don’t let it.

[00:18:04] - The real problem is not that the product needs to be discounted but that no one knows it exists yet. You need to talk to people who have an audience that would be very interested in your products. Tell them how you could bring your messages together and generate revenue on both sides.

[00:24:06] - You have to create a plan of action for what will create revenue in your business. DO NOT think of it with the mentality that you need someone to help you. Understand that you have value and that they have a need. You are there to show them how to create revenue inside of their business.

[00:25:22] - Katie lays out the way you approach an influencer with your product in a way that real, honest, quick, and, most importantly, shows them how to answer your email. Very simply give them the details of how you are going to do the campaign and make sure that you're carrying the full workload.

[00:28:56] - Reach out to ten. If nobody responds, reach out to ten more. Just know that it's a numbers game. Focus on creating, connecting, and creating relationships. 

[00:36:41] -  Katie invites listeners to apply what they learned to their own business. Take those principles, put them in action, and you will be what's working now.