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72. Psychological Elements of Success

December 13, 2022 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
72. Psychological Elements of Success
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Using psychological principles to overcome financial difficulties can be a critical step to achieving success and happiness. Today on What’s Working Now, host Katie Richardson is joined by Dr. Barbara Lowe to help listeners understand the mental and emotional processes that drive money-related decisions and behaviors. You can remove roadblocks from past trauma and make mindful choices that will lead to better financial outcomes.

3 Key Takeaways

  • The first step in this process is to identify a memory and the associated feeling it creates as well as the belief that accompanies that feeling. 
  • After identifying the memory and associated belief, you can reparent yourself in that situation to produce a healthier mental outcome. What would you say to your kid self in that position?
  • Ask God what He wants to tell you. This may involve reflecting on the words, feelings, or thoughts that were received and asking for further clarity if needed.


About Barbara
Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist, entrepreneur, and speaker who has dedicated her life to helping others find healing, balance, and success. After growing up in an extremely dysfunctional family, she set out to receive her PhD in school psychology from UNCCH. 

Barbara has been driven to learn a variety of techniques for trauma healing, renewing the spirit, and unlocking deep psychological wounds. As the founder and owner of Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services, Barbara helps clients address their issues with money, self-acceptance, and attachment. With her unique perspective and expertise, Barbara is the perfect person to discuss the psychological elements of success.

Show Notes

[00:01:20] - Katie introduces guest Barbara Lowe.

[00:03:10] - Barbara shares a unique experience that has shaped how she sees the world today.

[00:06:05] - Money is not really about money! There is character behind our spending decisions based on past experiences. How deep does our iceberg go? 

[00:13:13] - We can change emotional memories within six hours. It starts with identifying the feeling associated with a past experience and then healing self-to-self. 

[00:19:30] - Barbara shares a story of how her experience watching her mother handle money affected her. She still is learning how to manage her relationship with money because of it.

[00:23:52] - We’re time traveling and reexperiencing our memories in a new way. This is called emotional learning. Our body has memory. Integrate this science with faith and ask God what he wants to say to you. 

[00:28:10] - Barbara shares a specific experience of her friend’s transformation after implementing this work and reacting differently to deals. She also shares about her own responsibility at work to handle money by example. 

[00:32:30] - Barbara explains what it looks like when you come out of her money training program. It’s about the faith principle. You learn to stop self sabotaging. 

[00:35:10] - What questions can we ask ourselves to identify what our fears are? Sometimes it takes an ass to tell us the truth. Be careful, but listen to the truth behind negative feedback and lean into it. Look for repeating patterns and body sensations.

[00:41:25] - There are other ways to heal, but this method is often found within others.