What's Working Now

73. Get Insane Leads with This Problem-Solving Mindset

December 20, 2022
What's Working Now
73. Get Insane Leads with This Problem-Solving Mindset
Show Notes Transcript

Ever present host Katie Richardson invites video and tech expert Ken Okazaki to share his experience founding two video production businesses and growing drastically within 6 years. Utilize your entrepreneurial spirit by identifying the right time to improve upon current systems, addressing  problems before they stop the business, and discovering what about you resonates with your online audience on this episode of What’s Working Now.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Be careful not to allow yourself to dive into creation mode when the better business strategy is to improve systems that are already working. 
  • Recognize the problem in your operations and figure out how to fix it before it hits a brick wall. 
  • It’s less important to identify the perfect plan and more important to maintain consistency with the strategy that you did pick.


About Ken

Ken Okazaki helps businesses and brands grow with video. Ken heads up GoBox Studio and 20XAgency, which together provide everything a business needs to succeed at producing, syndicating, and dominating with video on all platforms. 

GoBox Studio is the world’s most portable professional video studio that is carryon size and sets up in two minutes or less. Also, 20XAgency takes your videos and curates, edits, and syndicates them across all platforms so that you can dominate your industry without ever having to get tangled in the tech. 

Ken also has a podcast called The Content Capitalist. It’s an OBS program featuring conversation with businesses and brands making millions of dollars or more and using content as a key driver for their success.

Show Notes
[00:03:20] - Katie introduces guest Ken Okazaki and invites him to share an experience that shaped the way he sees the world. 

[00:08:13] - Ken shares his background as an entrepreneur. He was introduced to the concept of doing his own events about six years ago and then ran his own legitimate business. Ken had to take “ready, fire, aim” action and move forward without knowing the outcome that he wanted to pursue.

[00:15:00] - It’s important to be aware of when it’s time to create and when it’s time to optimize the systems that you already have in place. Ken tells the story of his invention as a means to help current clients, not to start a new business.

[00:20:00] - Ken explains the switch board behind the carry-on studio he invented, and it all is as simple as one plug in and set up in two minutes. He started with the people he was already in conversation with to help them with a new product. Now, he’s getting leads for it. 

[00:29:00] - Don’t go into an idea thinking you want to make something new; instead, identify a problem and address the issue/find a fix before it derails the business in the near 5-year future. 

[00:34:00] - What is working now for Ken? Stop obsessing over the right strategy and tactic. Consistency is more important than the diet you pick. Ken asks his clients immediately what they hate doing and then crafts a marketing plan around that. It’s not micro anymore; it’s macro!

[00:41:00] - Just start with who you are and you will become aware of what part of you is connecting with your audience. Then, amplify it! Look at your low performers and top performers. What is the common trend between those two categories? Apply the nuance to successful content to your clients and personal media. 

[45:00] - Katie challenges listeners to follow Ken's path and identify what’s working and what isn’t and TAKE ACTION.