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75. Taking Control of Life as a Women in the NFT Space

January 10, 2023 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
75. Taking Control of Life as a Women in the NFT Space
Show Notes

On this episode of What’s Working Now, Erin Cell, expert in the cryptocurrency industry, public speaker, and podcaster of The Nifty Chicks show, shines a light on women in the NFT space. Erin will share her inspiring story of how she took control of her life and changed the direction of it by making brave choices. She will also discuss the importance of NFTs and why they hold so much potential yet untapped–especially for women today.

3 Key Takeaways

  • You are the only one that can take action to change your life into something that isn’t miserable and is full of purpose. Don’t be afraid of that leap. 
  • NFTs will become a sign of digital identity as our governments shift focus toward crypto.
  • It’s not enough to watch from the sidelines. It’s not too late to get into NFTs! We’ve only tapped into its potential. 

NiFTy Chicks Podcast

About Erin
Erin Cell is a blockchain and cryptocurrency industry expert, producer of the Bad Crypto Podcast and The Nifty Show, and co-host of The Nifty Chicks podcast and YouTube channel. After a series of life events, she decided to take control of her life and quit. She started a company and was able to build a marketing business. Through her partner's venture into cryptocurrencies, Erin got more involved in the world of NFTs. After seeing the lack of women in the space, she and her co-host, Jenna, decided to start a podcast and shine a light on women. Aaron now lives a life that she loves, and she is passionate about helping others realize the same.