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76. Use This YouTube Video Strategy to Grow by the Billions

January 31, 2023 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
76. Use This YouTube Video Strategy to Grow by the Billions
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Jeremy, an expert on YouTube with over 3.5 billion views and 3 million subscribers, made a life-changing decision eight years ago to start a family vlog. He and his wife, Kendra, and five children began recording their journey on YouTube, but with no money to show for it after the first year. As Jeremy and Kendra navigated the emotional dynamics of having a camera in their family life, they had to learn the right strategies to make their YouTube channel successful. Now, Jeremy is here to reveal what’s working now on YouTube, so you don’t have to miss out!

3 Key Takeaways

  • It’s going to take time to create success on YouTube. Expect to wait at least 9 months for your channel to grow. 
  • Shorts are changing the way views operate on YouTube, TikTok, and even Instagram. Don’t be hesitant to repurpose your long videos! 
  • Put your hook and important information in the first 30 seconds of your video. 


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About Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy is a father of 5, lawyer, and YouTuber. In 2014, he created a family channel called JHouse Vlogs. As a lawyer, he has represented some of the largest YouTubers.

[00:00:32] - Jeremy Johnston has over 3.5 billion views on YouTube. Eight years ago, he and his wife made a decision to do a family vlog. 

[00:10:55] - They had the biggest amount of growth that they’ve had in a long time because they posted a lot of quality and strategically chosen shorts. How you structure the shorts is part of it, including things like what you're putting in the description and hashtags.

[00:22:09] - Post your shorts on TikTok as well. Do more on Instagram reels, too. One of the biggest things to remember is that each of the platforms want you to use their tools.

[00:40:27] - You need to hook the audience in the first 30 seconds. A hook is saying, “There's something I want to see,” and then the payoff is when you finally reveal the answer. 

[00:42:51] - Sharing the human experience is always powerful and impactful. Sometimes in the writing of scripts and in the mass production, we stop with the passion and the vulnerability and the magic. The secret sauce of a video is really thinking about that and delivering. It's not about winning the algorithm, it's about connecting with people.

[01:01:30] - Jeremy gives Katie specific homework that she and her team is going to implement.