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79. Use These Three Marketing Categories to Hire A Players and Scale Like Crazy

February 21, 2023 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
79. Use These Three Marketing Categories to Hire A Players and Scale Like Crazy
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Are you feeling like you've hit a ceiling in your business? Do you feel like you have to push harder? It's time to look beyond just marketing and explore other growth strategies. On this episode of What’s Working Now, Stacy Tuschl, best-selling author and founder of Well Oiled Operations, will teach you how to achieve growth quickly by utilizing her three-phase plan. Tune in to discover how to fall in love with the operations of your business and create a system that will help you scale quickly.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Use marketing to find valuable employees FIRST. Don’t focus solely on clients. 
  • Frequency is key. Even if you’re not into webinars, creating a way to receive consistent feedback will help you scale. 
  • Try focusing on how to reactivate old customers you’ve already built a relationship with instead of only finding new ones.


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About Stacy 

Stacy Tuschl was born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, which led her to create a middle school competitive dance team in the family's backyard. She quickly saw the potential of the business, and opened up two successful dance and music schools that grossed over seven figures. Stacy learned how to hire, manage and delegate, and started sharing her knowledge with others. She now runs a weekly webinar, which is one of their number one ways to get clients. Stacy knows that in order to succeed, she needs to be an expert in marketing, fulfillment, and operations - and that her team members need her support. She advises that businesses need to market to their team members the same way they would to their customers in order to attract the best employees.

[00:04:56] - Katie introduces guest Stacy Tuschl. She helps small business owners create systems that facilitate growth.

[00:04:41] - Maybe you don’t love marketing, but you have to get good at it as a CEO. Once you understand it, then you can start to outsource it. 

[00:05:40] - A lot of business owners don’t try to reactivate old clients. There are systems that can be very boring and very tedious and do nothing to help your business, and then there are systems which can become money makers.

[00:11:56] - Your potential team members are judging you with your job posting and interview. You’ve got to market and look like the A player boss or A player company. 

[00:13:15] - Stacy shares her background in entrepreneurship at as young as 18.

[00:15:34] - Her webinar is the number one way she gets clients. Getting weekly feedback and data can fix and scale a business quickly. Frequency is also very relevant in your marketing, invitations, and in your emails. 

[00:15:55] - When you get into hiring, it can drain your bank account. Stacy teaches how to pay a dollar and get two back. Today, a lot of social media managers are not being trained. You've got to be willing to hold their hand at first.

[00:29:01] - Stacy shares what she does to stay balanced between family and work life.

[00:31:34] - Stacy answers the questions from WWN’s rapid fire round. Don't get comfortable at the top!