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82. Asking High-Quality Questions: Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Business Success

April 04, 2023 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
82. Asking High-Quality Questions: Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Business Success
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In this episode, Katie shares her own experience as an entrepreneur facing an unexpected obstacle at a trade show and the power of asking the right questions to overcome it. She explains the three components of a powerful question: curiosity, desired outcome, and empowerment, and how they can help CEOs and entrepreneurs level up. Whether you're negotiating a deal or trying to save a failing business, asking the right questions can make all the difference in achieving success. Tune in to learn how to ask powerful questions and move past obstacles to reach your goals.

3 Key Takeaways

  • How can you get high-quality results by paying attention to the questions you're asking?
  • What are the secrets for leveling up as a CEO or entrepreneur through asking high-quality questions?
  • How can asking curiosity-based, outcome-focused, and empowering questions help you make progress and achieve growth?

[00:01:45] I am sharing with you the secrets for how you can level up as a CEO, as an entrepreneur, and with asking high-quality questions, I've got principles, I've got stories, I have outlines for you. I've got a story to help you really see the power of this.

[00:02:12] Let me actually share a story when my business was still struggling. But hoping to take off any day now. Right. I'd been living on food storage. It felt like everything was on the line. We had zero money in the bank account, took it to a trade show. If you know my story, I'd taken it to a trade show the year prior to New York.

[00:03:59] As I was building this all-white everything, booth, That's when my mind was really beating me up and saying, do you really know what you're doing? Is this a huge mistake? This is gonna be embarrassing when it fails. And I have that moment where I step out of the booth to actually see from a distance what this looks like. And you guys, it was amazing. And I had this moment, I'm standing 30 feet from the booth, I'm looking at it compared to everything else.

[00:04:31] Just as I'm letting this sink in, this golf cart drives up and an older gentleman hops out and he says to me, is this your booth? And with great pride and excitement, I said, yes it is. And he was like, well, this is a giant fire hazard. You're gonna need to take it down.

[00:06:21] My husband could see what was going on, and he comes over. He's trying to understand the constraints of what determines what's fireproof and what's not. And then he says to the gentleman, he pauses and he thinks, and he says,  if there was a way to make this booth fireproof, what would that look like?

[00:07:10] There actually is a way, and in fact, I think I know a guy, scrolls through his contacts. Here he is, John, write this down. Gives us the number. Within one hour, John is in my booth spraying rock salts on the boxes, signing the fireproof certificate and we're back to where we needed to.

[00:07:37] This was a moment that totally transformed not just my business, but my life.

[00:08:07] There are three different components that I want you to be aware of when it comes to asking a powerful question. The first is it comes from a place of curiosity. The second is to ask the question in a way where it incorporates your desired outcome. And the third is to Ask a question from a place of empowerment versus disempowerment.

[00:13:38] So let's talk about some questions that will help move you out of the situation. Can it come from a place of curiosity? Can you design your question in a way where it is focusing on the desired outcome? Start writing down your questions so you can really see where your questions are coming from.