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85. Think Bigger: Regional Transformation and Success

April 25, 2023 Katie Richardson
What's Working Now
85. Think Bigger: Regional Transformation and Success
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Do you want to make a positive impact on the world but feel like your dreams are too big to achieve? Then you won't want to miss this episode, where we sit down with a regional transformation expert and successful entrepreneur, Jared Walther.

Jared shares his inspiring journey to success, from investments in clean energy and commercial real estate to helping start over 300 small businesses in Kenya and 10 in Nigeria. But what sets Jared apart is his passion for helping people think bigger and achieve their dreams.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration on how to think bigger and make a positive impact on the world. Whether you're an entrepreneur or simply looking to make a difference, this episode is sure to leave you motivated and ready to take action.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Jared Walther's journey to regional transformation and success is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you set your sights high and refuse to settle for less.
  • If you want to achieve your goals, you have to take action and make things happen.
  • Believe in yourself and don't let fear or doubt hold you back from achieving your dreams.

About Jared Walther

Jared Walther is a regional transformation expert, successful entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for helping people think bigger and achieve their dreams. He has made significant investments in clean energy, commercial real estate, Christian nonprofits, and both men's and women's clean and sober homes, all with the goal of making a positive impact on the world. Jared and his wife Stephanie have helped start over 300 small businesses in Kenya and 10 in Nigeria, empowering entrepreneurs to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities. Jared is also committed to training the new generation for success, recognizing that education and mentorship are key to creating a better future.

[00:01:07] - Katie introduces her guest Jared Walther

[00:02:16] - Get what you want and settle for nothing until you get it.

[00:05:31] - We said, don't give us any money. Don't give us any gifts. Give us money to go to Africa. And money started showing up. Money came to me. It began the attraction of money for a vision that people could see

[00:07:05] -  Sometimes as your wealth starts to grow, especially if you're Christian and you are a follower of Christ, And you read in the scriptures like blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth.

[00:09:41] - I served God a long time ago where money was scarce. And what I'm realizing now is when you serve God, money's under your feet. When you serve money, you try and put God under your feet and he don't stay there, so he doesn't. And so I serve God. So money serves me cuz I'm above money. I don't work for money.

[00:14:14] - I'm in talks right now to build a small modular reactor from new scale. I'm not there putting the containment vessels together. I'm not figuring out the design and the tensile strength and pressure and all that stuff as an engineer would. I've done not exactly that, but similar type engineering things. And then I'm not assembling them, Floor is doing that and floor has people, that's what Floor does. So basically what I do is I modularize my life and I fill what I could do with people whose life mission it is to do that.

[00:17:23] - I love empowering people. I love exploring. I love being curious.

[00:23:01] -  You have to know truth when you see it, and then when truth exposes itself to you and it costs you everything.

[00:28:05] - I think sometimes we can hear a story like this and we're like, okay, so if I need money, don't pull it out of the equity of my physical asset. Go ask people for money. And that's not necessarily what you're saying. What you're saying is, create a plan and invite God into that plan. And make him your partner and ask him.

[00:32:35] - As a regional transformation apostle to make it better, and obviously I preach the kingdom and we, obviously talk about Christ and given your life to him. I would highly recommend. To make everybody's life better, not just people who currently go to church or doing it to entice them to go to church. It's like, I want to transform the region from the powers of darkness, let's say homelessness, abuse, dying early.

[00:32:35] - At the end of the road when you're giving it, that it don't make money, it costs money. But ideally everything we do, I try to make self-sufficient so that if the money dries up, for whatever reason, people don't die. Cuz unfortunately some of these countries, people end up dying if the money dries up. So I try and really make it sustainably local, but it does need sometimes an outside injection of capital to make it start. 

[00:41:05] - I think it's important to call us thou like you're a happy guy and you've had a lot of things that have worked out for you.

[00:52:00] - I'll just say harmony in your life, things will be put into alignment and you'll sleep good. You'll have peace and you'll be a happy person.