Up Your Total Glow
How to maximize your performance with Dr Eddie O’Connor
How to maximize your performance with Dr Eddie O’Connor 50:00 Parapsychology – What it is and How it can Help with my Relationships with Relationship Expert and Medium June Edward 49:46 How to Embody Your Inner Goddess with Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Mentor Lauren Leduc 41:11 How Inner Healing Transforms Physical Health with Pharmacist & Health Coach Whitney Prude 45:27 How to uncover your post-natal glow with Post Natal Expert Peter Lap 57:02 How to optimize your health, wellbeing & injury recovery with the CEO of LumaFlex John Graham 39:01 How to Build Healthy Long-term Relationships with Relationship Coach Andre Paradis 1:19:25 How to Activate Your Own Stem Cells & Optimize Your Health & Wellbeing with Darlene Greene 1:03:27 How to Think about Respect Differently with Dr.Julie Pham 50:21 Should women change the way they eat & train in menopause? Meet Fitness Coach Barb Hawken 47:01 How to have glowing skin with Master Aesthetician Natalie Bevans 47:50 How to create more clarity in your life with Performance & Leadership Coach Paula Naeff 45:29 How to Build a Successful Family Business Model with Aaron Shelley 42:36 How to Transform Your Shadows and Activate Your True Potential with Energetic Transformation Coach Helen Airey 43:40 The energetic path to success with The Divine Purpose Business Coach Bill Heinrich 49:06 How to practice body love with Peronal Trainer & Body Love Educator Rachel Lavin 40:16 Transform your life with simple, accessible fitness & self-regulation techniques with Fitness & Nutrition Coach Ben Smith 52:28 How to Help Your Child & Family to Uplift Their Health with Pediatrician & Life / Weight-Loss Coach Sheila Caroll 59:25 How to Create a Hyper - Successful Reality with High Momentum Life Coach Amrit Singh 45:12 How to prevent joint pain & cancer with Pilates Instructor & Holistic Nutrition Coach Katrina Foe 35:47 Joyful healthy living in and out of your kitchen with Inspirational Chef & Weight Loss Coach Tina Mc Dermott 45:27 How to Make Small Edits with Big Results with Life Coach Tabatha Perry 34:02 Up Your Hormonal Health with Ana Gonzalez Herrera 43:43 The Truth About Sugar with Nutritional Therapist & Wellness Coach Sue Thomas 43:30 Finding Your Fit with Fitness Expert, PT & Life Coach Kathleen Trotter 46:25