The Degenerate Life Podcast

13 of 618 (featuring Jay from DriFlower)

February 06, 2022 Stuntman Mike, Cody Klewin and JPX
The Degenerate Life Podcast
13 of 618 (featuring Jay from DriFlower)
Show Notes

In 2005, DriFlower founder Jay Larkins had one simple thought, “There has to be a better way.”

Jay instantly envisioned a streamlined process for harvesting cannabis or hemp directly onto innovative hangers & hardware. His solution would not only simplify harvesting, but also organize transporting, drying and emptying drying racks within minutes. Within minutes of this inspiration he put pen to paper, designing what has become, after years of experimentation and research, the DriFlower HangHarvesting™ System.

Throughout the years Jay and the DriFlower team have learned a lot, out in the field and in drying spaces all along the west coast.  As with any great disruptive technology, there have been moments of victory and challenging failures.  But every outcome is seen as having valuable information which educates a new direction forward.  With Jay’s unwavering dedication and vision, we’ve always felt confident in our success. That’s what sets DriFlower apart.  Unquestionably, our commitment to research and improvement empowered us to bring forth a system that is both efficient and reliable. In Jay’s words, “So Simple.”

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of HangHarvesting™ System Kits, Hangers & Hardware servicing the worldwide cannabis and hemp industry.

Our Vision

To establish HangHarvesting™ as the Premium Flower harvesting standard.


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