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Night Soul by Joseph McElroy

September 13, 2021 George Salis Episode 1
The Collidescope Podcast
Night Soul by Joseph McElroy
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Welcome to The Collidescope Podcast!

I’m George Salis, founder and editor of The Collidescope, an online publication dedicated to promoting innovative fiction. I started this podcast as another way to promote the kind of writing I love. For my first choice, Joseph McElroy was kind enough to give me permission to read the title story from his collection Night Soul, which was published by Dalkey Archive in 2011.

This particular story stands out for its intimacies between a father and his infant son. The feeling of connection to the past, to one’s parents, beyond the past, a connection to a being that’s future even as you’re becoming past. McElroy explores this connection with an emphasis on language, on communication, what’s implicit if not subconscious, instinctual.

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