Open Windows Investing by TPFG

Why Do Advisors Exist and What is Their Value? Matt Hamilton, Pres., TPFG

September 14, 2022 Julie Mochan Season 1 Episode 8
Open Windows Investing by TPFG
Why Do Advisors Exist and What is Their Value? Matt Hamilton, Pres., TPFG
Show Notes

Listen to Julie talk to Matt Hamilton, 😎President of The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. (TPFG) talk about:

  • The Need for Good Financial Advice in America
  • The Value and History of Advisors
  • Helping Individuals with Their Group Plan Accounts  (SDBA)
  • Where Are All of the Investable Assets?
  • When Should You Be Getting Advice?
  • Having Conversations with Your Clients Children
  • Rollovers are still the "Long Sale"
  • Being Proud of Your Valuable Advice as A Financial Advisor
  • What Do Investors Really Care About?

Host, Julie Mochan takes listeners through interviews with a "no nonsense |no need to rollover" approach to the many questions and possibilities of efficient frontiers....and beyond! 🚀 The Value of An Advisor

TPFG, our success depends upon your advisory business flourishing 🌳, by doing what is in the best interest of every customer.  Sharing In-Plan advice to those who need it most, no matter your zip code, status, or hairstyle.✨ links to research

Since 1984,
The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. (TPFG) has built a rich tradition of serving financial advisors and investors with best-in-class investment solutions and unrivalled customer service. The firm was founded on the single premise that everyone, regardless of their account size, should have access to high quality investment opportunities and independent expert advice. Today, we are a Founder Led dynamic Wealth-Tech firm that blends over three decades of traditional asset management experience with leading-edge financial technology know-how, to provide products and services that empower financial freedom for advisors and their clients.

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